Ireland: Battle Between Church and State Over Contraception; Bishop Provides Catholic Teaching Against Contraception, Health Minister Says "Please Make It Stop," To Have the Bishop Keep Quiet


Irish bishop Doran provoked government opposition after he strongly and publicly affirmed Catholic teaching against contraception, saying it had been ignored too long. He repeated the teaching of the Papal encyclical Humanae Vitae, which said contraception is unlawful and and which said, decades ago, that it “could open wide the way for marital infidelity and a general lowering of moral standards” and that it could lead a man to “forget the reverence due to a woman” and “reduce her to being a mere instrument for the satisfaction of his own desires”.

After the bishop’s words were repeated in a prominent Irish newspaper, the Irish Health Minister – who spearheaded the campaign for a successful Yes vote in the abortion referendum – said
“Please just make it stop! Increasing access to & availability of contraception is and will remain public health policy. Religion plays an important role for many on an individual basis–but it will not determine health and social policy in our country. Please get that.”


The hypocrisy that individuals can’t force religious beliefs on others, but they can force people to commit abortions in Catholic hospitals when they don’t want to.


I’ve found that the best way to make people see it our way is put it in terms they understand.

“Would you want your healthcare company to be forced to pay for something you disagree with like ex-gay therapy?” (Obviously such therapy is a silly idea but that’s besides the point)

“Do you think it would be ok to force liberal musicians to play at Trump rallies?”

As soon as it’s their conscience that isn’t free they’re on our side. They just need some help getting the empathy going in my experience.


Poor Simon, he will be put on the scrap pile of history along with all those who stood against the church!


Thanks be to God for that Bishop, we need more strong priests and Bishops to defend the faith. He’s right, it’s about time we had a reckoning about contraception and abortion. It’s been resisted for far too long, for no holy reason.


Ireland needs your prayers!.

Ireland needs God to send another Saint Patrick to convert the lapsed souls back to TRUTH.

In 20 or 30 years there will be no more young priests to take over parishes in ireland.

Politicians need to realise the truth in morality:
Abortion is not health, it is murder.
The first thing satan does is change the language around morality to lead people astray, that ‘health’ and ‘freedom’ etc mean to allow mortal sin,


And Simon Harris and the Irish Prime Minister used to be prolife doctors.


Before we come down too hard on Irish society, we have to acknowledge that the Irish hierarchy royally, absolutely, and disgustingly SCREWED up… with decades of systematic abuse cover-up. Can you really blame people for questioning the moral authority of the Irish Church?
Of course…they’re wrong… but I understand why that trust has been lost.


The Irish Bishops are stand ins for St. Patrick, what we need are people to listen.


If I was like a twelve year old I might use phrases like “please make it stop”


The article didn’t say that Bishop Doran was saying anything about government policy; he seemed to just be reiterating Church teaching. Am I missing something?


Looks very much like the Irish government as a whole is gunning for Catholic teaching across the board.
I understand there’s a fraught relationship because of the sins of the church, and that is truly shameful. But the over reach of government ministers to tell the church what is acceptable to believe and teach is way out of line.


Simon Harris is a spineless fool. He prettymuch blows whichever way the winds of populism dictate.
The Irish government are basically looking to push the Church out of the public forum completely. It’s an attack on religious freedom.


Then you’re lucky. In my experience, it doesn’t work. Some are just outright authoritarian while claiming to be in support of liberty and freedom. They might want to read up on what those are before claiming to be in favour of it. And if they have, they are characters straight out of Orwell’s 1984.


And currently the Irish media took a ‘poll’ and said 2/3s of people are disatisfied with their sex education in schools, so that this ‘obviously’ means that the Catholic slant on sexuality ‘must be gotten rid of’ from schools,

(While there was actually no information in the poll suggesting any of the population condemned the Catholic view of sexuality).

The media is corrupt, and very anti catholic.


It’s SEW the wind. SMDH :roll_eyes:


It could be auto correct or the same problem as yours. You can’t know for sure.


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