Ireland commemorates 100 years since 1916 Easter Rising



April 24, which was Easter Monday and a bank holiday, was the actual date of the rising.


This is of course true but Ireland has chosen to treat it as a ‘meveable’ revolution when remembering it for the last 20 odd years or so and always remember it on the Easter Sunday rather than the actual exact date.


Watching and enjoying it on TV.

I heard on the radio, that part of the reason they decided to celebrate it on Easter Sunday, was to commemorate 2 risings: The political Irish Rising and The day of Jesus’ rising. I was a little disappointed in the ceremony’s opening prayer, though. I don’t remember a single word of thanks or even a recognition of Jesus’ Rising. But then again, the way things are going today, I was just glad there was a opening public prayer.


A bit of a wishy washy prayer indeed. . The Defence Force Chaplain struck me as a bit bland but given the potential of whatever he had to say touching off bad reactions elsewhere I suppose he was obliged to be.


That is sad :frowning: - “wishy washy prayer”. PC language has eaten its way into everything, like worms. History cannot have events praised and those events that were terrible - not be exposed in order to be avoided. It is the current plague of our societies. What is the good of “making nice” and destroying the truth? Prayer is communication in love between the created and God. The only way one may not communicate with God is to communicate with evil.

Jesus Christ said He would spit out the lukewarm! Easter Sunday is to bring alive the Resurrection of Jesus - be brave and proclaim it always.

A joyous Easter to everyone! May Ireland be brave, free, and Keep the Faith! :thumbsup:


I respect the better, higher (more abstract?) side of Irish Republicanism. Good intentions, not always the best means of carrying them out. However, the past is the past: we do have a Republic of Ireland today, after centuries of struggle. As icing on the cake, Ireland and the UK are today good neighbors, at peace. I have always believed that the Irish and the English have a lot more in common as people than either side would like to admit - complex, strong-willed, very human (a bit odd on occasion) - at their best anyway. I like them both a lot, always have.



There’s no coverage of this important historical world event by the old Big Three United States TV networks NBC, CBS, or ABC or the Cable Networks FOX, CNN, or MSNBC.

But all those TV and Cable Networks can repeatedly spend several minutes reporting about the old men of the Rolling Stones playing guitar and drums and prancing about on stage for a free Rock and Roll Concert in Cuba.

This I find this even more odd since there is a sizeable Irish American population in the United States.

I also checked the websites of NBC, CBS, or ABC and FOX, CNN, or MSNBC for any coverage; there is only one article about it on the ABC website with no pictures.

That said, there was a three hour documentary about the 1916 Easter Uprising on the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) this past week which I watched and they did repeat the documentary several times.

However, there was nothing about the 1916 Easter Uprising on the PBS NewsHour or the Newshour’s website.

We have a right to be informed but our TV News system is almost basically pretending the 1916 Easter Uprising never happened.


The two best books I’ve ever read on this subject are Max Caulfield’s “The Easter Rebellion” and Peter DeRosa’s “Rebels”. Thomas M Coffey’s “Agony At Easter” is also very good but is pretty much confined to the happenings at the GPO.


There’s a pretty good video on this sight, only music, though, but good pics. I know there’s other videos out there, but I can’t find them at the moment.


“Meveable”? :confused:


Basically the Easter Rising occurred on the 24th of April 1916, however whenever it is remembered in Ireland it is generally not on that date that marches or parades or held. Rather they are held on Easter Sunday or Monday on whatever day that should fall each year. That is why you had the parade today and not on the weekend nearest April 24th or that date itself.


Max Caulfield’s book is decent and is the first book I read on it many years ago but he does repeat a few urban myths in there. Not through any intent to deceive it should be noted but mainly because he wrote the book quite a long time ago and more information on some parts of the Rising has emerged since that he was unaware De Rosa’s book is quite good, I’ve not read the last of those three books so I can’t comment on that one. Anyway here is a youtube clip of the whole parade from of all people Russia Today as RTE can’t seem to be bothered to get one up yet. I actually used the Russia today one to show my father the parade. Note there is no narration. Considering the quality of the commentary offered by RTE this is probably a blessing.

It is 90 minutes long or so be aware of that If you want to watch it. It lacks the 21 gun salute though which I shall try and find and post also.


I agree. It is indeed sad (but not new to be sure) how insular the US is news-wise. The resulting ignorance is reflected in the people and culture. You really have to go out of your way to learn anything about Irish history, or anyone’s, including our own. I think at some point someone decided learning and valuing history was either (1) not a money maker or (2) too dead white male.


:thumbsup: I thought the 1916 Proclamation was very well read - outside the GPO.


Much better than last year, the Captain chosen this year had the presence to do it justice.



No, I didn’t, you see more sitting on the couch. :smiley:

I’m not really into any of these type of events that involve standing around, seeing very little and usually freezing to death - especially in Ireland!


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