Ireland Discussing Changes to Abortion Law

Hi all. Sorry to have to bring bad news, but…

Irish law currently features constitutional protection for the unborn, something that abortion activists have furiously been trying to tear down for decades (including such tactics as raising pro-abortion bills in Parliament in the full knowledge that they are unconstitutional, merely so that they will be reported on by the evening news and remind everyone that they are still pushing for legalised abortion). There is now a Citizen’s Assembly discussing changes to the Law, and it’s feared they will recommend the abolition of our anti-abortion law.

I’d like to ask you to pray for Ireland at this time - it’s really troubling.

Praying for Ireland to stay strong and not cave in to pro-abortion forces.

That doesn’t sound good.

If you have a current government that is pro-same sex marriage or assisted suicide (even mildly, especially if they use some of the same fallacious arguments), abortion is usually not far behind. The best chance for Ireland, and Australia and others, is who we vote for when we get a chance to vote, if they are pro-same sex marriage, there is a good chance they will also be pro-abortion (pro choice) and pro assisted suicide.

I hope Ireland remains against abortion, but given their fall with same sex marriage, I don’t know how long they will last unless there is a change of course. In short, try and make your vote count, that’s the only chance to get a say.

Just look at the U.S., With the Trump & Pence victory, there is a real chance and hope of the turning of the tide back against abortion with pro-life justices that Trump promised he would appoint, if Clinton had won, it would be the opposite, there would be no chance and the abortion path for that nation would have been cemented with her appointments to the Supreme Court, along with Assisted Suicide that was headed up the pipe.

I hope this has helped

God Bless

Thank you for reading

I have been repeatedly saying that you could expect this in the Republic soon virtually since my first days on the forum. It required no great intellect to predict it either sadly (which is good considering mine!) and at some point I expect a referendum which will strip the constitutional protection.

Praying for Ireland…

Ireland really does need to be on high alert, especially for foreign $$$ coming in to change the existing laws there.

If it is lost, what will be the defining argument?

The usual - priority on personal freedom, obscure case studies and claims to modernity?

Partly, however there is also a severe feeling of disenchantment with the Church in many quarters. A feeling of betrayal, that will motivate it in part for some. Also some feel the Church has no role to play in influencing the state and as one person put it to me, ‘Needs to be got out, if necessary the same way we got the British out’. Most people don’t hold such extreme views but there is a sizeable minority who are really cynical about the Church at this point.

Also a few particular cases in the last few years have raised the issue up yet again. As it is in any case any woman with enough money simply hops on a plane or ferry over to the UK. My own prediction is that the six counties (what is generally known as 'northern Ireland) will hold on to the ban on abortion after it is legalized in the Republic of Ireland.

In that case I would ask them what the role of the Church would be in the case of slavery and colonialism.

Thanks for the insight.

There is one particular case which will be referenced in any debate endlessly:-

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