Ireland reopens Vatican embassy as relations thaw

DUBLIN (Reuters) - Ireland is reopening its embassy to the Vatican more than two years after shutting it down in the wake of sex abuse cases, in a sign relations may be thawing.

In a huge blow to the Holy See’s prestige, staunchly Catholic Ireland closed its embassy to the Vatican in 2011, when relations soured over Church handling of sex abuse cases.

The Church’s once dominant role has faded in Ireland since revelations of rape and beatings by members of religious orders and the priesthood. Prime Minister Enda Kenny delivered a once-unthinkable rebuke to the Vatican over its handling of the scandals.,0,1668387.story

Maybe they could repair for this by repealing their unnecessary abortion liberalization law.:mad:

Perhaps we might consider that when the Church stops trying to worm out of paying the multimillion euro’s worth of compensation owed to the countless victims of clerical abuse over the past eighty or so years in Ireland.

If anyone has a responsibility to repair anything it’s the church. The embassy was shut as proof that as a nation Ireland refuses to suffer abuse from anyone any longer, the Church included.

Despite Ireland to this day being 84% Catholic I think this is too soon. Considering the abuse cases that continue to surface the investigations are still only scratching at the tip of a titanic iceberg. Would have been wise to let the outrage die down first rather than when it’s still building up speed.

Please pray for Ireland that she will not leave her Catholic/Christian roots and move into secularism. This is already happening. There are many in the media who are self-professed atheists and they are having a negative affect on the country. Once a nation begins to turn away from God, how will it be brought back?

Please pray for us.

Here are some additional details:

*No definite date has been established for the reopening, given that a new Ambassador must first be appointed and that new premises close to the Vatican have yet to be located.

A Foreign Affairs spokesman did suggest, however, that it was hoped to have the new Ambassador installed by this summer. Since it was closed in 2011, the role of Ambassador has been covered on a caretaker basis by the secretary general of Foreign Affairs, David Cooney, working out of Iveagh House in Dublin.

Officials also stressed that there would be no possibility of the Embassy being housed at its old site of the State-owned Villa Spada which, in the meantime, has become the Irish Embassy to the Italian state itself. It was stated that this was not because of any Vatican veto on a dual purpose embassy but rather because , it was stated, there is no space available at Villa Spada.

Foreign Affairs also claims the new Vatican Embassy will be a “modest”, one-person operation, in keeping with the new wind of sobriety and parsimony blowing through the Vatican under Pope Francis. *

Pope Francis’ emphasis on poverty alleviation and assistance to the developing world were mentioned by senior diplomats as a reason for re-establishing the embassy.

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