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it seems to me that the catholic faith in ireland is slipping away from the people,i see in Dublin that there is a festival of sex.the organizers of this festival state that the belive Ireland is ready “to move” from a guilt and shame filled perspective on sex and sexuality to one that allows sex to be “a path to enlightenment as personal and collective freedom and empowerment”,the events include "smut writing and ecstatic bdsm (bondage sado masochism).its a sad day for the church and faith in ireland.How far will Our LORD let ireland fall from the church and its traditional faith. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU. by the way the are calling this festival “fifty shades of grey”.

You may not see a reversal in our lifetime., but our Lord will overcome inn time. Be patient and follow God.'s teaching. Remember the words in the Our Father prayer: “Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

It is ridiculous. Imagine my surprise when I saw Enda, the oh-so great Taoiseach trying to get priests to break the most sacred seal of confession. Ireland has been headed this way since the 80’s or so…and it’s terrible.

I also read that gay marriage has been legalised there too. :frowning:

St Patrick pray for the people of Ireland. :gopray: :shamrock2:

No - it hasn’t been legalised. It is currently being considered and parliament will consider whether and how to take forward next year.

I will be praying it won’t be legalised. I hope to see a Catholic revival in the nation of my ancestors.

Did you see Ireland has made it into the top 10 Atheist countries in the world

Its hard to believe, for the land of Saints and Scholars. It must be a backlash from the terrible scandals.

I pray the these 10 % will see past lies and awful abuses and see the truth of Jesus and the many many good sides to Gods Church.


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