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Hey everyone,

I am feeling called to a religious life. Especially, one that could allow me to aid the religious crisis in Ireland. They've been struck with multiple scandals and now the people are running from the church. I am originally from there, now living in Canada. I feel that God is calling me to aid Ireland and help connect people to God once againI was wondering if anyone could share vocation opportunities that are available for people to go to Ireland.

God Bless


Are you Irish? Have you ever lived in Ireland?

I am sure that there are abundant vocational opportunities there.


Yes, I was born in Kilkenny, Ireland


I am unaware of your gender, so I will give you a handful of options available:

If you are male, you attend the National Seminary to become a priest; St Patricks College in Maynooth County Kildare.

If you are female, there are many open and closed orders in Ireland. As you hope to encourage renewed faith I would suggest an open order

I believe the Sisters of Mercy are an open order, however I can only list several closed orders after that. If you wish to research the topic more, it would be advisable to contact your old Irish parish and ask for guidance on the matter.

I wish to say that you are very brave and I wish you the best of luck.

God Bless,



Thank you very much for your assistance and kind words. I probably should have stated that I am male :D

God bless you, Belinda


They are based in the Bronx though, so you'd probably have to go there first and then you would go wherever you're sent under obedience. It's worth looking into though. They are great!

Are you sure you're called to religious life? I know some Americans who are studying for the Diocesean Priesthood now in Ireland actually (at Maynooth) It is possible.

Then there are many different religious orders/congregations based there of course (eg If I can think of anything else .. I'll let ya know. God bless!

p.s. a blog post from a few years ago which you may find interesting the Institute of the Incarnate Word is in Wexford now (along with the Sisters) and the Sisters of St. John are in Derry. Again, these communities are not based in Ireland .. but have these foundations there .. with similar missions it seems to what you say you feel called to.


also, for religious communities based in Ireland .. although for some reason that site isn't working for me anymore .. was last year at least .. hmm


The link appears to be OK.

The Irish priesthood are going to jump on you --that's for sure. All vocations are way down in Ireland.

I recently visited Ireland and loved it.(aside from the weather--;)). It appears to be one more or less happily contentious clan--at least in the south, the Republic (we are *talking about your living in the Republic, yes?). I would think it preferable to *move to Ireland if you can (financially), research diocesan vs. religious priesthood, visit seminaries and religious orders, and then enter--there.

By the way, I hope you like sports.


Just a thought .. You may want to look into Our Lady's School of Evangelisation (spelled with an "s" over there) in Knock, It's a 9 month program that starts in September for young people. This could be a good chance to spend some time living in Ireland first .. and see how things are over there .. and you could discern at the same time with different communities .. be it religious life .. or diocesan priesthood. I know a couple people who have done the program and got a lot out of it. There is a tuition fee .. though I can't remember how much .. and I believe they offer a certificate that is recognized by the universities in Ireland. Feel free to PM me about it. God bless!


Also, if you are interested in the Latin Mass .. And you may be able to find some contacts there who might be able to help you in your discernment.


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