Irene was 'act of God.' What quip says about Michele Bachmann campaign

The first part of the title is a bit misleading. Bachmann jokingly suggested that God was sending a message to Washington to cut spending by unleashing earthquakes and hurricanes.

The author suggests there are two main points to observe about Bachmann from this incident. The first is that she’s a little more awkward in a crowd and she doesn’t connect with an audience as well as some of her competitors.

But a second conclusion might be that Bachmann refuses to be drawn into the media’s endless cycle of gaffe-and-recrimination…Instead of dwelling on the earthquake/hurricane thing, she issues a statement via her spokespeople, and moves on. That’s generally the practice of an experienced politician.

Contrast this with Sarah Palin’s modus operandi. Karl Rove says she’s going to announce for president, and the next thing you know, she’s scorching him in a statement posted on her PAC webpage, saying he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and intends to deceive the American people, besides.

You can’t get sidetracked into that kind of discussion if you’re actually running for office. It takes you off-message and blots out everything else you were planning to convey.

I hadn’t heard of this quip until now, and her response of quietly brushing it off is probably why. I tend to agree with the author, although as everyone knows being feisty sometimes draws coverage away from competitors, so it’s a strategy that has its place.

Neither Michelle Bachmann nor any of us in the literal, truest sense of the word, actually know the mind of God. If she did believe the earthquake and Irene were messages from God, that would merely be her belief.

But what I find interesting is if she made her comments as a joke and used God’s name in in this manner in jest, that more folks aren’t questioning how this shows reverance and not using His name in vain.

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