Irish Bishop Demands Answers from St.Vincent DePaul on gay donation

Bishop of Galway Martin Drennan is demanding answers from the Society of St Vincent de Paul (SVP) in Galway after it dished out thousands of euro to fund a permanent lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender resource centre there.

The grant to LGBT Galway, €45,000 over three years, was approved by the society’s Maureen O’Connell Fund as a contribution to a full-time resource centre which Galway City Council has pledged to provide.

A spokesman for the SVP told The Irish Catholic that the decision was endorsed by the society’s National Management Council as providing support for an “excluded and marginalised group in need of support”.

He claimed this was “consistent with the SVP mission statement to support social justice initiatives.

“It is also a key element of the SVP Christian ethos to be non-judgmental when its assistance is sought,” he said.

Galway diocesan spokesman Fr Sean McHugh confirmed that Bishop Drennan had made contact with the SVP to seek further clarity on the issue.

“We want to keep in mind the good work that the St Vincent de Paul does throughout the country. We don’t know the full facts of the story yet,” he said.

The SVP spokesman, however, was keen to point out that the funds were allocated on the basis of need and did not signify any ulterior purpose.

Another good story, St. Vincent DePaul is popular in Republic of Ireland, pilgrimages are made by the Vicentian Fathers there to France where St. Vincent DePaul lived. St. Vincent is really much like Mother Teresa imho, I don’t think charity would have progressed the way it has since St. Vincent DePaul because he really went out of his way to care for all of the poor and destitute.

So St. Vincent cared about people. What does it mean to “to fund a permanent lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender resource centre”. On the surface, it sounds like good works by the Church could be conducted there at such a centre. But there may be a downside.

Thank you for publishing this article. One of my favorite Saints.

How curious, this blog and I don’t know if it is okay to link to: gives the impression that the money that is going to be spent was left from the estate of a woman who passed away in 1998. It would be about $58,000 in American money.

I received an email and link about this last week. Quite astounding considering SVP’s funding has decreased over the past few years and they need even more funds to assist the increased number of families in poverty, due to unemployment.

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