Irish Celtic Crucifix


Can anyone explain to me the history and meaning of the Irish Celtic Crucifix? I saw a Rosary in our Basilica Gift Shop today that had this style of Crucifix on in and would like to know more. Thank you :)


More modern crucifixes today involve Irish knotwork designs on them, which signify different meanings such as unending love, etc. The idea is that there is no beginning or end to these knots. Another one that you have probably come across is the Trinity knot, which obviously signifies the Father, Son and Holy Spirit intertwined as one God. Some of the other crucifixes that are often more difficult to come by involve pictogram designs which resemble the High Crosses found in Ireland. From what I remember, these pictograms were the primary method that the Celts told stories about the Gospels ( by carving men carrying Jesus away when he was arrested, etc.) because people were illiterate. The one I wear is a replica of the Cross of the Scriptures that was in Clonmacnoise, Ireland.


Thank you! Do you know if these kinds of Crucifixes are specific to a specific Religious order?


That I am not sure of, but I have never seen an association with religious orders.


Look up the celtic wheels, life, being… and how it was brought into christianity. Don’t some call this crucifix the St. Patrick cross as he was the instrument of conversion of pagan celts?

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