Irish eccelestical record 1886 V11 p1112


On the 4th of March the office is of the passion and a? Where is this book?

This appeared on my mobile four weeks ago can anyone help?

For those of little faith ask the Irish national library for the above heading. God bless.


I was a bit confused by your question, but I did a google search and found the document you seem to be looking for, online here.

If you scroll down, almost to the bottom of the document, there you will find page #1112, which has a reference to “March 4th”. It states:

"On the 4th of March the office is of the Passion, and a commemoration is made of the occuring feast of St. Casimir, of the holy martyr and the feria."

I’m not exactly sure what this means to you, if anything, but if it’s what you were looking for, then I’m glad I could help. :smiley:


This also appeared archangel gabriel commeration on 18th March this is gabriel original feast day transfered by the Vatican to September 29 in 1969

Then this appeared on the 4th of March the office is of the passion and a?
Where is the rest est of this book?

My birthwhat day irthday is this date! Uh


So this answer can be found in Irish eccelestical record 1886 V11 p1112 it


Click the link that I posted and you can read the entire book from there. :wink:


Where I s the link Lorraine?


It’s in the word “here”, that shows up as blue font. But, I’ll post it again, now. It’s an e-book.


The record you sent shows up blank on my mobile but I contact national library of ireland and they said said y have a copy God bless lorrainI e.


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