Irish government re-opens ‘modest’ Vatican embassy


Yeah - first victory against this ‘atheistic minded’ government! :thumbsup:


The Vatican embassy will be housed in a separate building to the Irish embassy to Rome, which is now housed in the Villa Spada, which housed the old Vatican embassy.

The Department of Foreign Affairs said new “modest” office accomdation will be found. Only one diplomat will be required to staff the new embassy, and its focus will be on development aid.
Sources said the decision is a recognition of the change in papacy, and Pope Francis’ focus on overseas aid.

Mr Gilmore made the decision to close in embassy in November 2011 as part of cost-cutting measures. The embassy to Iran was also closed at the time, as was a representative office in Timor Leste
At the time, Mr Gilmore said that the Government was obliged to implement cuts to meet targets set out in the EU/IMF rescue programme.*




Oh, nice! :):thumbsup::bounce::yup::clapping:


Good for them! :thumbsup:


In a country that’s 84% Catholic even after everything that happened?

I think “Not-willing-to-be-taken-for-a-ride-anymore” government is more accurate. And I don’t think for one moment anyone believes the Vatican got kicked out two years ago for “cost cutting”.

I actually think its too soon since the governments still sifting through all the other cases of abuse. The outrage isn’t over yet.


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