Irish hold large rally to keep Ireland 'abortion-free' [CNA]

Dublin, Ireland, Jul 6, 2009 / 08:03 pm (CNA).- On Saturday thousands of Irish pro-life advocates attended a Rally for Life in Dublin’s city center urging that Ireland be kept “abortion-free.”

The Irish pro-life group Youth Defence reported to CNA that the All-Ireland Rally was organized by pro-life groups in both North and South such as Youth Defence, the Life Institute, and Precious Life. Preserving Ireland’s abortion-free status was the theme for the day’s activities.

Speakers at the Rally at Ireland’s Parliament Buildings included Niamh Uí Bhriain of the Life Institute who told the gathered crowd "We will not falter and we will not fail, not while our children’s lives depend on it. We will stand together, work together, and pray together and we will keep Ireland abortion-free.

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God bless 'em!

Thank you for the information! I am Irish living in the USA. I check out the Irish news daily. There wasn’t a peep about this rally. The Irish media are sickeningly liberal when it comes to abortion issues. I was active in the prolife movement in Ireland and any rally or event organized didn’t make it to the media. Or if they were forced to cover it, as in a gigantic rally in the early 90’s with the mantle of Our Lady of Guadaloupe, they are careful only to publish photos of old ladies with rosaries. Never the families/
Youth Defence have saved many, many lives in Ireland. Yet they are vilified. They set up their displayes on streets, showing pictures of aborted babies, showing people the truth.

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