Irish Music lovers

Does anyone know of any other bands besides Gaelic Storm who play dramatic and happy instrumental songs???

Woohooo! I try to see Gaelic Storm every time they’re in town. ROCK!

Chieftains, of course, the grandpappies of them all
Capercaillie might do some instrumentals
Battlefield Band
Eileen Ivers - fiddler from New York
Natalie MacMaster - Cape Breton fiddler
Clandestine, a local Houston group…great reel sets
Flogging Molly - not “happy” 'cause they’re too Irish for that

Do you get Thistle and Shamrock on your local NPR?
They have a podcast, too

Wow, thanks! I’ll check all this out! :irish3:

You’re welcome! Spreading the Irish music fever is all part of my wicked plan for world domination. :slight_smile:

ANY disc by the Chieftains is worth its weight in gold. The older ones will have more reels and jig sets. The newer ones tend to be more “artsy” and diverse.

:smiley: Maybe you can give me a song tip or two? From Gaelic Storm, I really like:
After Hours at McGann’s
The Devil Went Down to Doolin
Breakfast at Lady A’s

So what songs of the other groups would you say I should check out?? :slight_smile:

The Irish Rovers
The Clancy Brothers (with Tommy Makem)
The Saw Doctors (if you lean a bit toward the irreverent)

As for Gaelic Storm, anything on the Tree album works for me.

I’ll try to dig out some CDs, might have a chance tomorrow. :slight_smile:

irish music lovers here’s some more groups for you. Enter the haggis, the glengarry bhoys, cantrip, halali, rattle the boards, seamus kennedy, solas , clandestine, the barlry boys, cathie ryan, bodega, the town pants, old blind dogs, burning bridget cleary, the john whelan band [of river dance fame] that list should keep you busy a little bit . i’m sure they have web sites tra’thno’na maith duit

Makem & Clancy’s Peter Kagen and the Wind :thumbsup:

I have it on LP, but no way to play it. :mad:

How about “Celtic Woman”??


I have heard nothing traditional from them but they are easy to look at.:thumbsup:

Lunasa: all instrumental. It is also more up-beat than not

Chieftains: Always, always good.

The Dubliners: Also good, traditional, and a favorite of the more rowdy crowds.

Flogging Molly: Non-traditional and based in harder, faster rock music, but it is clearly rooted in a tall pint of Guinness

The Tossers: Acoustic Irish flavored folk-punk/rock dunked in whiskey

The Pogues: 80s era. If the Cheiftains and the Dubliners gave birth to a baby, and that baby then donned a leather jacket and dove into a mosh pit, you’d have the Pogues.

I love The Corrs. They are three sisters & their brother who play traditional & pop Irish music. Their debut album Forgiven Not Forgotten is their best imo. I love the traditional song Toss The Feathers. You can view them on Youtube.:slight_smile:

Thanks for all suggestions! Any other exciting INSTRUMENTAL suggestions appreciated. :smiley:

“I am going, I am going
Any which way the wind may be blowing
I am going, I am going
Where streams of whiskey are flowing” :thumbsup:

Check out Altan and the Bothy Band. Just maybe the two finest traditional-style Celtic bands. Both primarily originated fron County Donegal.


Irish Music and the Catholic faith, two great things that go great together! One of my favorite Irish bands that’s been around a long time and plays some fantastic reels and jigs is Altan. Also, there’s a record label called Green Linnet that is one of the main distributors of Celtic/Irish music, check out Several years back, they put out a 20th anniversary double CD compilation of many of their best artists. It’s one of my favorite CDs and I pull it out every St. Patty’s day. I’m sure you can find it on their website, you can get some great ideas there. The inside cover CD notes give a little history of every band featured on it. Enjoy!!! :thumbsup:

This is the kind of stuff I’m looking for. :smiley: Like her “David’s Jig” song…all instrumental and very lively and different.

Maybe consider giving the Afro Celts a listen. They, as implied by the name :), are a blend of African drum beats and traditional Celtic music. Pretty cool stuff, IMO. I love them.

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