Irish Penal Rosary Symbology


Does anyone have familiarity with the Irish Penal Rosary (actually a chaplet) and what the symbols on the cross represent? Thanks.


See this website

I never heard of a chaplet as such. The Penal Rosary was usually just a decade


Well, I was under the impression that, unless it had 72 beads or 77 beads, it was not considered a rosary, only a chaplet. :shrug:

According to the Rosary Workshop Museum, the symbols on the front have the following meanings:
HAMMER: For the nails of the Cross
HALO: Crown of Thorns (was not usually shown)
JUG or CHALICE: The Last Supper
CORDS for BINDING: Symbolize the Scourging at the Pillar
SPEAR: Piercing the side of Jesus
LADDER: On the right side of the Crucifix is a ladder-like symbol which reminds the user that the Cross is the ladder to Heaven
On the back of the Crucifix are the following symbols:
Crock and Pot: Symbols relating to Judas the betrayer
Three Spikes: The nails of the crucifixion.

This is interesting. Thanks for the link.


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