Irish PM:time to move Catholic church from the centre of society



That is not a good sign when the Prime Minister makes a sppech like this during a visit by the Pope. This is a low point.


This PM is incredibly tiresome. The only time I hear about him doing anything is when he’s blasting the Pope. He seems to be a huge attention seeker and I do not see him doing anything positive for Ireland. I will be glad to see the last of him, he seems like a big opportunist.


I watched his welcome speech to pope Francis. He seemed to be speaking out of both sides of his mouth.

A good question to ask him is what exactly he wants to put at the centre of Irish society. In the unlikely chance he gives a straight answer then you will see his true colours.

I keep on pleading with the church, please stop seeing these types of people as friends and allies. They are not.


I think Irish society has already spoken about where they want the Church in their
lives with their vote.


Probably the same thing the Dem party in the U.S. wants at the center of our society; abortion on demand.


Sadly, Pope Francis is giving him plenty of ammunition with which to blast.


Without Catholicism, Ireland is just another Alderney, but bigger. Just one more island in a wild ocean, dependent on bigger countries.


I will believe all this business about Ireland not being Catholic when I see them turning down tourism money from all the Catholic pilgrims who buy out the NAWAS tours to places like Knock every year.


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