Irish President Michael D Higgins hails UK friendship


Dia mhuintir na hÉireann agus na Ríochta Aontaithe .

God bless the people of Ireland and the United Kingdom .

Irish President Michael D Higgins has spoken of his country’s “deep and enduring” friendship with Britain.

Speaking in Westminster during the first state visit to the UK by an Irish head of state, he said both countries could take “immense pride” in their work towards peace in Northern Ireland.


YAY!!! Hear, hear arkwright!

And SO nice to see an teanga óir on CAF! :slight_smile:


Let’s hope they can walk the walk.


Hopeing and praying they can but … . . :knight1::knight2::gopray:


I hope England and Ireland can be friends.

Ireland have a much better abortion law than us.



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