Irish Priest Condemns Anti Religious Lockdown Laws (Video of sermon) ..."We now live in the most anti Christian, atheistic country in Europe......"


He’s right. I cannot believe the changes that has taken place. The bishops don’t seem to have argued against anything, there is no reason why we cannot have mass in a field or carpark all socially distant or Confession in a room where we are also distant.

There is no social distancing in the supermarkets or any shops and people are still going for foreign holidays and not social distancing when they return.


Unfortunately, it seems the Irish church has itself to blame for their loss of social clout. Thousands of children were abused for decades - 800 abusers in just 35 years. And if it wasn’t sexual (which was rampant), there was also verbal, physical abuse, and neglect: “Children were frequently hungry and food was inadequate, inedible and badly prepared in many schools.”


Much as I’d like to say this wasn’t so it was, the Irish Church in part destroyed its own standing, it would likely have lost much of it giving the changing nature of the world anyway but the Church definitely shot itself in the foot. Right now it has got to a point where many people who once trusted the clergy now actively will say the most vile things about them.


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I agree the church dropped the ball but at this stage it needs to own its mistakes and move forward. Unfortunately the state locking the files on the Mother & Child homes for 30yrs isn’t going to help, it just pushes the boat out so that it never ends.


Yep, better to bite the bullet and open the files rather than keep them closed and have the whole sorry cycle going on and on and on.


Indeed, but perhaps it is in the interest of someone or some organisation(s) to keep the sorry saga going on and on!

You’d have to ask the two main political parties who voted against revealing matters. They were of course in charge in the era the Mother and Babies homes were operating, most of the smaller parties didn’t exist (leaving aside Labour) and Sinn Fein was effectively a non-player in elections in the Irish Republic as it polled very few votes till recently.

At this late stage maybe government ministers were involved, the church is already tarred and feathered and has nothing left to lose.

I agree, so the locking up of the files ensures the Church cannot escape the opprobrium of the people, acting as a lightening rod for public anger, whilst government ministers that may have played a role, escape the consequences of the righteously angered public

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