Irish priest plans to defy Vatican

A well-known Irish Catholic priest plans to defy Vatican authorities today by breaking his silence about what he says is a campaign against him by the church over his advocacy of more open discussion on church teachings.

Fr Tony Flannery (66) who was suspended by the Vatican last year, said he was told by the Vatican that he would be allowed to return to ministry only if he agreed to write, sign and publish a statement agreeing, among other things, that women should never be ordained as priests and that he would adhere to church orthodoxy on matters like contraception and homosexuality.


… Yes padre, we don’t ordain women. No Padre, there will be no further discussion of the matter. That’s how it is, that’s how it was, and that’s how it will be, and no, we don’t CARE how the Anglicans do it.

Didn’t this man swear an oath of obedience? Is a man’s oath with nothing anymore? Nevermind the fact that he is willingly breaking rules that were already in place when he voluntarily became a priest.

Sorry, Charlie… The Roman Catholic Church won’t change just for you. :tsktsk:

I belong to a union that believes in free speech. But suppose a union official, who has access to large numbers of people BECAUSE of the union, uses the union platform or letterhead to take positions opposed to organized labor. His superiors in the union would warn him don’t use the union platform or letterhead to oppose Labor; otherwise, we can no longer let you represent the union.
Obviously this union official, or for that matter a priest, always has a right to think and say what they want, but they don’t have a right to abuse a position. Their fellow union members, or their fellow Catholics, also have rights. This priest does not have an inherent right to use the church microphone.

No, actually he made a “promise” of obedience.

Heard him on the radio today, another one who knows better, Jesus didn’t build His Church on the shifting sands of time, He built it on a Rock.

The Rock still stands against attacks from both inside and out, as it has done for 2000 years…Jesus said it would, those that are not with Jesus are against Him…and those He has given authority too !

I always find these stories rather illogical. I can definitely see why people would disagree with a number of Church teachings. I do not, however, understand why people who try to change the Church’s teachings to be more in line with their. Either the Church has the authority to interpret scripture and teach (in which case your objections are wrong) or it does not (in which case your objections may be right but Church becomes a liar and unworthy of membership).

It just goes to show there is one in every crowd. The fact that this is even a story shows how unified the Catholic Church is as a whole.

Rome should probably just respond with a medicinal excommunication.

The article in the Irish Times, cited in the first post, alludes to Fr. Tony Flannery’s positions on contraception, homosexuality and female ordination. While his public views on those subjects are of concern, it seems the Vatican is unhappy about something even more fundamental.

In the letter, the Vatican objected in particular to an article published in 2010 in Reality, an Irish religious magazine. In the article, Father Flannery, a Redemptorist priest, wrote that he no longer believed that “the priesthood as we currently have it in the church originated with Jesus” or that he designated “a special group of his followers as priests.”

Instead, he wrote, “It is more likely that some time after Jesus, a select and privileged group within the community who had abrogated power and authority to themselves, interpreted the occasion of the Last Supper in a manner that suited their own agenda.”

Father Flannery said the Vatican wanted him specifically to recant the statement, and affirm that Christ instituted the church with a permanent hierarchical structure and that bishops are divinely established successors to the apostles.

Why was this man ordained in the first place, since he was clearly either not properly formed or otherwise unsuitable for the priesthood? Or is his wingnuttery a recent development?

The wingnuts are loose, definitely. When it happened? I can only :shrug:

A priest plans to defy the Vatican? And this is actually news???

These stories really get under my skin. The media will run with this and try to say that the priesthood wants women to be ordained. I have been in many Protestant services growing up where the “pastor” will use one book or one paper from a priest to damn the whole Church to hell. This really is not that much of a story. A priest wants it his way. The Church said not so fast. He throws a fit and contacts the media. BLAH! lol

a lot of men entered seminaries when they were young, 17 years old. they were probably too young to know enough to make that choice. he is not the only priest who entered at a young age and now finds themselves in trouble. they do a lot of damage.

I agree — these stories are illogical.

Instead of demanding that the priest signs a document that recants his statement, the Vatican authorities should simply point to proof that his statement is wrong. How is that for logic?

And that’s exactly it. Either the Church is right or not. I find it funny that people will accept that the Church got something as big as “there is a God and Jesus died for us and rose from the dead” right, yet is wrong about contraception or abortion, etc.

“May he continue to be smitten with the procrastination that has restrained him to just “planning” it so far”.
– Blessed Artie P. Smakers

… or is this too late.

Women priests
Homosexuality … :dts:

And what Church teachings does Fr. Flannery agree with these days?

Aw, no. Too far. I can go no further on the discipline road than to restore him with partial priveleges.

Superglue a conical hat to him and refer to him in official Church documents and
Parish Bulletins hereafter as:

Father “Flim Flam” Flannery (or some lightly humorous public penance for his peccadilloes). A month should do it.

Show some*** restraint*** man!

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