Irish TD Buttimer would ‘prefer’ if Enda Kenny didn’t attend New York St Patrick's parade


No show without Punch - so now the Irish prime minister has been asked to boycott the St Patrick’s day parade - because it does not allow gay banners! It gets more ridiculous by the day.

Currently, the main topic of debates, in Ireland, is in relation to a referendum to be held, next year, on gay marriage.

*A Fine Gael TD says he would “prefer” if Taoiseach Enda Kenny and other Government ministers didn’t take part in the controversial New York St Patrick’s Day parade.
Cork South-Central TD Jerry Buttimer, who last week told the Dáil of how he had been “beaten, spat at, chased, harassed, and mocked” for being gay, said Mr Kenny should at the very least push for a change of policy for future parades.
Mr Kenny is taking part in the famous Fifth Avenue procession, which does not allow banners or displays for gay causes or gay pride.

The new mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, said he would boycott the parade because it excluded recognition to gay and lesbian groups. He is the first mayor in 20 years to do so.*


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