Iron man 2 official trailer!

I can’t help noticing that the villain “whiplash” is wearing a cross, any one know the reason why?..




IRON MAN!!! Heh, sorry; I tend to fangirl. :smiley: Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer…

I can’t wait. I loved the first one so this one is currently my most looked forward to movie of 2010.

I can’t help noticing that the villain “whiplash” is wearing a cross, any one know the reason why?..

I don’t see a cross… By the way, Mickey Rourke (Whiplash) nearly committed suicide a few years ago. The reason why he didn’t go though with it was due to his Catholicism.

Father Colapietro said Rourke was in a bad way over the breakdown of his relationship with his wife and had written her a suicide note.

“I said let’s fold it up and put it behind the statue of St Jude,” he said.

[Rourke] says, "I’ve talked to my priest a lot. I used to have to call him or the shrink when there was an explosion, because I was really good at not talking to anybody until there was an explosion.

"My priest is this cool Italian from New York. We go down to his basement and he opens the wine. .
“We smoke a cigarette and I have my confession. He sends me upstairs to do my Hail Mary’s. I mean, I’m no Holy Joe, but I have a strong belief.”.

Mickey Rourke has revealed that he came close to committing suicide during his eight year addiction battle in a comment to Now Magazine, a British Gossip paper. The ‘Nine 1/2 Weeks’ star, who suffered addictions to drugs and alcohol, said he was only saved from shooting himself in the head because of his faith in God. .He said: "If I wasn’t Catholic I would have blown my brains out.

“I would pray to God. I would say ‘Please can you send me just a little bit of daylight.’” .

Mickey Rourke tried to commit suicide - but was saved at the eleventh hour by a priest. The Hollywood star, who at one time ruined his career through self-destructive behavior, says he was close to shooting himself when he went to confession and asked for God’s approval of his sinister plan.Fortunately, the priest counseled Mickey out of his depression and helped him come to terms with his life.

“He talked me out of it and we started meeting.His name is Father Pete and he lives in New York.

“Father Pete put me back on the right track,” the actor concluded.

Anyway, Iron Man 2 looks like it’s going to be as fun as the first one. Can’t wait.

This looks so good! Robert Downey Jr. is such a good actor and so is Mickey Rourke. He should have won an Oscar for The Wrestler. I will be in the theater as soon as this is released.

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