Irrational fears

This is going to seem really silly and almost childish. To keep it short I am a sophomore in college who has been discerning the priest hood for about 4 years now. I am almost ready to take the leap of faith, however, I have an aunt who wants me to move to her diocese because of a lack of Priests. I have a lot of family in this region and have been their many times in my life. However, I feel a strong connection to the people who have nurtured me in my home diocese. I have been praying for guidance for awhile on this matter and though I trust in God’s will and wish to follow it wholly, this is the last fear I have of serving Christ. Silly right? I am just hoping to hear some advice from some good Catholics! :thumbsup:

Follow your heart. Go to where you think God wants you :slight_smile:

I say go for it!!

As Bl. John Paul said “BE NOT AFRAID!!”

“Be not Afraid” appears in the Bible, 366 times. One for each day of the year, plus leap years. So, Go for it. May the SACRED HEART Bless Your Holy Desire, and may HE make you a Priest and a Saint for Our Holy Church!! I will pray for You my brother!!

Fratere tuus in CORDE JESU

Frenki Fehervari

Nothing childish about fear. You are at a crossroad in your life, and your choice will forever influence your future.

Trust in God.

If you become a secular priest in your home diocese, your bishop may allow you to visit your aunt’s diocese frequently or maybe not. Similarly the bishop in your aunt’s diocese may be happy to have your help when your bishop allows it.

If you become a religious priest, you might think you know what your order does and where you will be assigned, but you may be mistaken. I’ve heard (fairly frequently) priests say they knew what their assignment would be after ordination, they were certain of it - only to find out from their bishop or superior their assignment was something they had never even considered a remote possibility. This was not a source of sorrow or regret, but simply God leading them where they needed to be even though they were unaware they needed to be there.

Fear is a natural human reaction to uncertainty. Give your fears to the Lord and listen for His answer.

Thanks guys! this really helps me be more confident, I will be praying for you all!

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