Irreverence ?

I’m sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong place, please forgive me I’m new here :slight_smile: THe hypothetical question at hand is regarding Irreverence in either a Mortal or Venial sin situation. I know that if you purposely use the name of the Lord irreverantly it is a mortal sin no if’s and’s or but’s. What if though someone was to say “Jes**” after someone says something crazy but it was said instinctively and not as a intentional irreverence ? Is this still considered mortal ? or is it venial because the intention was not there ? This has always been a curiosity to me as I would think it is venial as it is a bad habit or a horrible knee jerk type of comment not a intentional irreverence for the name of God. What’s the verdict on this one ? Thanks and God bless !!!

If it is done w/o intention, it can not be a mortal sin. A mortal sin requires full intention. Therefore it must be venial.

God Bless

Same because it is no different is it really… :slight_smile: or any other name we have for God and Jesus… if used in vain and frustration etc…

though one of my friends who don’t go at all made an interesting comment once.

Its strange to hear atheists say it because they do not believe in God. For Christians, then yes because they believe in God, but not for Atheists because it’s admitting there is a God…

Culpability decreases as the will’s involvement decreases, so if it’s a purely reactive action out of habit, you’re probably not guilty of a mortal sin. That said, you may want to confess it anyway and pray for the grace to avoid such indiscretions in the future.

Minor quibble, but intentionality isn’t generally required for mortal sin, being slightly distinct from complicity of the will. For instance, while harmlessly browsing the Internet, I may inadvertently stumble across unchaste images. Though I didn’t intend to view the images, I can still be mortally culpable if I allow then entertain my lusts. As a general rule, intention to do something mortally sinful is always mortally sinful, even if thwarted, whereas the lack of intention only means it isn’t *necessarily *so. As applies to this situation though, you’re right.

Well, if you unintentionally stumble on them, and then click away, it’s not sinful.

Only if you intentional look at the image after stumbling upon them do you commit sin.

God Bless

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