Irritated by "sheep stealing"


I no longer consider my Catholic (I am now a sort of atheist agnostic). However…

The “stealing” of Catholic “sheep” by Evangelical Christians REALLY gets to me.

I have a friend from back in high school who is a PK (pastor’s kid). He just graduated from Liberty University. Anyway, he just got back from a “medical mission” in some mountain top village in Peru.

I was flipping through some of the facebook pictures of the trip. Intially, my comments on seeing the pictures were along the lines of:

“Ooooo look at the cute llama!”

“Wow those are huge mountains.”

“Look at the incredible rainbow!”

…then I flipped to a picture with the caption “Catholic Church in [insert village’s name here]”.

I was taken aback. Although the trip was primarily a medical trip (you know, to teach people basic health care and first aide), I know that they did some “gospel preachin’”, too. Since the village had one nice big Catholic Church in the middle of town, one would suppose that the villagers were Catholic. They have probably been Catholic for generations. In fact, the village being so remote, they probably haven’t heard of much anything BUT Catholicism for several generations.

Now, into this bation of Catholic faith comes a group of super fundamentalist evangelical college students ready to convert the masses to Christianity.

I flip through more pictures. I see a huge class of small children (most of them probably younger than grade 3) all holding up plastic bags called “hygiene kits and Bibles”. I flip some more. I see more evidence of missionary activity.

I am now kinda pissed. I posted half joking half serious on my friend’s wall:

"i was looking at the picture of the catholic church. i hope you weren’t down there converting the catholics :stuck_out_tongue: "

He replies:

“only the one’s who were’t christian!”

I am now even more pissed. My experience with evangelicals has let me know that many of them think that Catholics are definitely NOT Christian. It doesn’t matter how much Catholics love Jesus. It doesn’t matter how much they pray. It doesn’t matter that they are faithful. It doesn’t matter that they have been baptized. According to many of them, Christian and Catholic are mutually exclusive.

I kinda figure that my friend was just playing words games with me. It would’t surprise me if he said “only the one’s who weren’t Christian” as a cheeky, pompous, smart-*** (etc etc) disguise for “well, yeah we were.” Do you guys get my drift?

It makes me sooooo :mad::mad: that they have the gall to go down there and preach to Catholic CHRISTIANS and tell them that they are wrong, that they are not Christian.

I want to make angry faces all over the place!!!

I’m not sure what is so upsetting to you. Does the existence of a Catholic church in a town mean that everyone in the town is off limits to all missionaries except for Catholic ones? What if a group of Catholics were ministering in a town with a Protestant church? Would you expect the Catholics to keep quiet about their faith?

He means he’s upset by the fact that certain evangelicals don’t view Catholics as Christians. I think it was obvious why he was angry. And I understand him because I feel the same way. God bless.

*:rolleyes: People really aren’t pawns your games, ya know. That goes to all those religions that seek converts as though it is extra points in your “round.” They are people… human beings. Catholics are not much different than evangelicals in this area. My parents are Christian missionaries in Zambia, Africa and the Catholics are always there right behind them, trying to win over the baptist coverts to their ways of thinking. Really… all the different Christian denominations are not that different. You all seek to control the world… the goal is to put into place something you consider perfect when it was already declared “good” by God. Seems boring to me, but here is a pointer in the name of being “fair”: Perhaps join forces and the disease that you spread will be more effective in overcoming the diversity set into place by the Creator? shrugs *

No, it doesn’t. If they were going there with a focus on those who were not Christian, I would be fine with it. I don’t like the idea of them trying to convert devout Catholics. I especially don’t like the idea of them trying to convert Catholics if they believe that Catholics are not Christian.

What if a group of Catholics were ministering in a town with a Protestant church? Would you expect the Catholics to keep quiet about their faith?

Nope, I wouldn’t expect them to keep quiet. But I wouldn’t expect the Catholic missionaries to tell the Protestants that they weren’t Christian. And I would definitely NOT approve of the Catholic missionaries actively trying to convert devout Protestants to Catholicism. No double standard here.

I, the OP, am not religious.

She’s upset…

lol :smiley:

I’m a “she” too! :smiley:

P.S. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stated as being a “he”?

Sure you are and you still believe in the Catholic religion, else you would not have gotten upset by it. I personally accept Judaism for my ownself, but also appreciate many of the other smaller philosophical “religions” (such as the eastern religions for example), but when it comes to Christians in general, I admit to getting upset due to their replacement theologies. See, when I truly was not* religious, I honestly did not give a D*** and if you weren’t truly religious now, you wouldn’t either (and you show the truth in that you are leaning to catholicism over evangelicals). I think people can be righteous before God as long as they are not being hypocritical about what they are REALLY thinking and not indulging in idolatry (along with observing to obey the common sense in the 7 commandments of the Noahide Law). :slight_smile:

Um, get over it? Don’t get mad cause some people are better at spreading faith then other’s.

Evangelicals have their own idea of Christianity. Catholics being deemed “non-Christian” is as old as Saint Augustine, if not older. We prove we’re Catholic by our love, and at the end of the day of life, men are judged on their love, not on the words and labels of other men.

I am proof that reverse can happen as the result of Protestant missionary work. Around the age of 12, I went to rural Mexico to work in an orphanage with my Presbyterian church members (since I was the only one who spoke Spanish). 13 years later, I found myself being confirmed in the Catholic Church, at least partly the result of the search that was fueled by my memories of that trip and the evidence of the faith in the day-to-day lives of the people I met there. I may not have converted anyone to Presbyterianism (in fact, I know that I personally did not, because I did not hand out the Bibles that they had sent us with once I saw that the people there already had their own…the orphanage was run by the local Catholic priest, for pete’s sake!), but in their own way, they converted me. :slight_smile:

I believe the original posters point was that they were perturbed by this fact. People that were for centuries faithful followers of the one true Church established by Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church, have been deceived by those that have chosen to protest. They are stealing sheep from the truth.
I see no problem with those with a portion of the truth going into mission fields that have not been exposed to the fullness of the truth and exposing them to their partial truth. I agree I would much rather them be exposed to a part of the truth than no truth at all.

In this case, you should be thrilled, as my dad is now looking toward the Jewish People for the full Truth! :wink: Amazing, no? (saying this assuming that you know Christianity is based on the teachings of Paul ~ hence Christianity ~ and that the truth is to be found rather in the religion supported by Jesus… Judaism :slight_smile: )*


I am afraid of starting a tangent here, but I was curious to know what teachings of St-Paul you object to?

God Bless,

I’ve been called both.

It’s interesting that with a gender-neutral name, some people assume he and some assume she.

Maybe it’s that on some days I’m more in touch with my feminine side than others. :wink:

Have to admit, I took the replay of the OP’s friend a little differently. I wasn’t there, so wouldn’t know, but couldn’t it be that the friend found himself in a monolithically Catholic community whose Catholic Christianity was too often nominal or absent?

One can imagine isolated communities where Catholicism is less a belief than part of the air one breathes, atmospheres where too many people grow up making the accepted gestures & observances, knowing something of who Christ was, but not much about what His life, death, or resurrection signified, and to whom the teachings of the Bible OR the Catechism would contain far too many surprises. The situation isn’t unheard of, and I’d have surmised from the conversation of the OP’s friend that this was such a situation.

Flocks that are meaningfully shepherded are fairly resistant to “sheep-stealing,” and my guess is, Catholics who inveigh against the practice are often getting mad at the wrong people.

This is a good point. But like I have said, I guess the main point that makes me angry is the idea “Catholics aren’t Christian”. Imagine someone knocking on your door telling you that you are not a part of whatever faith you may adhere to. It would be an irritating insult. And what about your children? Would you want them to come away confused about what to believe?

What’s it to you?
One error is as good as another, no?
We believe Christ. You don’t.
Do you really think anyone of these Evangelical brothers have harmed us more than you have by your coldness towards Christ?
At least they love Christ.
Jesus said: “Why do you say “Lord, Lord!”, but you do not do what I say?”.
Why do you slander the zeal of others when your own agnoticism is so much more hurtful to Christ than someone who denies catholicism?
Go and wash your own face.
Also… I would say, there may be many a nominal Catholic in small villages in S-America who could use some good preaching. I know in my parish they could use it… come it from evangelicals or catholics, people need to accept Christ personally and that often comes about through good preaching, something that evangelicals are good at.
You want them Catholic by name… or you want them saved?.. Again… take care of your own soul…

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