Just wanted to hear some people’s opinions.

Doesn’t it bother you that Christ is so freely ridiculed in our everyday life…for a dark example just try googling “christ” with any undesirable word and youll get a myraid of ill humored links.

Yet no one has taken a single “real” effort to stop it.

Yet if one person draws a cartoon making fun of muslims in the middle east theyll be killed.

And if anyone here in America makes fun of Jews they are instantly singled out.

And to think America is considered the front for the Christian world…:frowning:


I know, its horrible. I was just reading the Pope and the Witch activism thread, where its not the argument of what to do, but whether or not we should do anything at all. It saddens me to read it, we have become so complacent, and intimidated into not standing up for what we believe in.


I think a lot of this has to do with our theology of turning the other cheek and loving you enemies. Christianity is a religion of love and forgiveness not one of retribution so its not too difficult to understand why we dont in total rise up and burn offices and kill strangers just to satisfy some religious insult.


It’s a catch 22. If we behaved like the Muslims, we would eventually live in a closed society and an enforced ideology that would not mean a thing, since our faith is one of choice, not mandate. We can protest and make the injustice known, but you cannot change the hatred for Christ and His followers by protesting it away. That may drive it underground for awhile, but it will reimerge, it is destiny.

It is very hard, very painful to see our Lord’s name blasphemed, but it was in His own day also, when he suffered his Passion. We are warned that the world is against Him, even if for awhile it didn’t seem as blatant as we now see it, it was always there.

It is a sign of the times that so many have joined the ranks of Christ haters, the falling away from the faith has happened and the countdown continues. Pray, and ask that Christ turn your irritation into that empathy which will result in union with Christ’s own humiliation and suffering.


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