IRS Admits Guilt in Illegal Release of Conservative Group’s Tax Information


Of course it does.

There isn’t a single shred of evidence to support NOM’s accusations.


I have to admit you surprised me with that one. It might be fun for me personally to have that kind of information, but I do not think it would serve the common good and I know a lot of people who need to remain just as ignorant as they are now. They could not handle the truth.


I guess we can view differently that the IRS paid a settlement for an “accidental,” potentially felonious leak about which a gay-activist plead the 5th and among which this incident is one of many in a pattern lopsidedly adversarial against those the far left considers enemies.


Whether or not the activist plead the 5th is irrelevant because we know who the document came from in the IRS. This person is named in the decision. Furthermore, the activist didn’t even ask for the donor list; he asked for publicly available tax returns. It is also very clear that it was, in fact, accidental. NOM’s claims are made-up out of whole cloth.


Amazing the IRS is paying $50,000 for a fake claim. Golly yet another bit of evidence of their lack of accountability to the taxpayers for their ridiculous spending habits. But I guess in comparison to the Star Trek video, it’s a good use of the money.



The IRS probably gave them the 50K so they’d stop whining about being busted for colluding with the Romney campaign to hide his donations from the election commission and general public. Its money well spent.


Pure speculation as opposed to the reality that the information was disclosed, was from the IRS, the use of the 5th to protect against self incrimination. Sorry your dog don’t hunt.



Actually its true.

Fascinating considering the facts of the case…which are basically summed up as NOM making unsubstantiated allegations which are not consistent with reality.


And the IRS paid $50,000 to stop “whining…” right. Your dog still don’t hunt.


The judge wasn’t too nice to the IRS either. Their claim of innocence in regards to the damage caused didn’t fly. The case would still be going if NOM hadn’t accepted the IRS’s offer, which was only about $8,000 shy of their claim for actual damages. Hard to argue that you’re innocent when you admit the allegation that your staff released the document, mistake or not.


The IRS didn’t think they should be punished for accidental disclosure let alone for damages which were actually caused by a third party.

NOM would have lost based on the Judge’s assessment of the facts and that was his view as well.


And they were told baloney. They caused the mess.

NOM would have lost based on the Judge’s assessment of the facts and that was his view as well.

Didn’t read the whole thing did you? He sided with NOM on the actual damages claim. The only issue left to determine was the amount of the award.


Actually, I did read the whole thing. Note the quote about no reasonable jury buying NOM’s claims.


Which basically means they didn’t have enough evidence to prove 2 of their 3 claims. They did however make their case for their 4th claim of actual damages (Note III.D.).

Either way, NOM has $50,000 more to put toward their fight, which incidentally is almost as much as they receive in yearly donations. They should really send a thank you note to HRC for the considerable assistance they gave NOM in getting this funding. :stuck_out_tongue:


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