IRS says it lost Lois Lerner e-mails


The IRS has told Congress that it has lost some of former employee Lois G. Lerner’s emails from 2009 through 2011, including those she sent to other federal agencies, the House’s top tax-law writer said Friday.

The agency blamed a computer crash for the mishap.

Rep. Dave Camp, chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, said he was stunned that it took more than a year into the investigation for the IRS to inform Congress that it didn’t have those emails.

“The fact that I am just learning about this, over a year into the investigation, is completely unacceptable and now calls into question the credibility of the IRS’s response to congressional inquiries,” Mr. Camp said. “There needs to be an immediate investigation and forensic audit by Department of Justice as well as the Inspector General.”

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Yeah, sure. They “lost” two years worth of emails. :rolleyes:


Right, and even though it happened 3 years ago, they just remembered. :rolleyes:


The dog ate my homework would have been more believable, but I think they already used that one for a different scandal.

I would offer them a better excuse they have not used yet, “You should know that this administration is just incompetent for almost everything based on our first five years.”


Only the incriminating ones.





Well it’s no big. :slight_smile: Why, i’m sure if I were being audited by the IRS and I “lost” the documentation they needed they would surely accept what I said on my honor and just let it go; right? We should be just as forgiving with them as they have shown themselves to be time and again.:yup:




Professor Glenn Reynolds @ writes “So this means the contents were devastating to the White House, I guess”.


I look forward to the swift defense of this unAmerican, dishonest Presidency from his usual cadre of supporters on here.

It would almost be laughable if we didn’t have seemingly literate Catholics defending this garbage. Poor America - goes to show how badly we have ticked off God; to be allowed to be led by this “man.”


It’s frightening that an agency that wields power in the way the IRS does feels it can get away with this. No one of any political persuasion believes that the emails are lost.

Fortunately (sarcasm) we have the NSA who knows everything.


The irony is killing me.:rotfl:

Edit: Noteworthy quote:
“Barack Obama has brought us Jimmy Carter’s economy and Richard Nixon’s excuses.”



:thumbsup: You are probably correct. So they just realized this now a year into the investigation?
If this is not proof that the IRS needs to be dismantled and done away with! How much more are Americans supposed to swallow from this administration?

It used to be years between scandals then months then down to weeks then days and now it seems like we are down to hours between failured and dishonesty!

How much more can we take?


What happened to the emails she sent to other federal agencies?


I thought that NASA had everyone’s emails in one big data bank? Why not simply ask NASA for her emails?


NASA? That is the National Administration of Space and Aeronomics. Did you perhaps mean the No Such Agency? (also called by its more recent name: the National Security Agency)


National Administration of Space and Aeronautics, Sorry. This is why proof reading is important to do before the 20 min timer is up.


I seriously doubt that they actually lost the e-mails. They could find them if they looked hard enough. I can almost guarantee there are copies of the e-mails somewhere.

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