IRS Strikes Deal With Atheists To Monitor Sermons And Homilies




This needs to get out…and in some ways the atheists are already doing it by trying to remove religion from public life.

We have the right to freedom of religious expression…

I think the devil is truly coming to his height in power…and he will be defeated…along with his minions.


Wow. What ever happened to the “land of the free” and the “home of the brave”?


The article from Investor’s Business Daily is an editorial. The Freedom From Religion Foundation was concerned that the IRS was ignoring their complaints that churches were violating their tax exempt status. The IRS only agreed to investigate their complaints.


This is beyond stupid. Are they going to record homilies to prove they heard politics on the Altar? Atheists or any non-believer would be too biased for anyone to be able to take their comments or accusations seriously. I would hope anyway.


Unfortunately the “land of the free” and “home of the brave” has been under attack since the start. The Civil War is proof of that. Now we have globalization and privatization to drive the socioeconomic classes further apart, fools who don’t understand the constitution regarding FREEDOM OF RELIGION, systemic discrimination against the sick and poor, and the list goes on. Unfortunately history continues to repeat itself because no one ever seems to learn from the past.


There’s already a thread about this


The Church is no longer welcomed in the world. There has been a great falling away of Faith and a great new hostility against the Church. I fear the end times approach. Our Lady of Fatima said that unless the Pope consecrates Russia with all the bishops then Russia will invade. Russia is now invading Ukraine, and Russia has not been properly consecrated(if it was it’d have converted). Pope Leo XIII had a vision in 1884 about Jesus giving Satan 100 years to try and destroy the Church. There are many theories about when that started, but some say in 1917. I fear that people abandoning the Faith and the remaining Catholics not living by the Faith properly has angered Our Lady and that the Great Chastisement will happen in 2017, ending the 100 years of ruin and abandonment of Faith that we have had.

Of course that’s just I theory I have that it most likely wrong. But whatever.


I agree that atheists or non-believers might be biased when it comes to these matters. However, if such persons record homilies or sermons, is their bias is irrelevant? After all, the complaint is not based upon their views, but upon the political views which might be in the religious talks.

I think the whole issue is sad, regardless of which side one might be on. That the IRS takes a neutral position on the issue really shouldn’t be surprising or regarded as newsworthy.


Seems like the atheists are hurting the separation of church and state this time.


No deal was struck.No settlement was reached. The Atheist group knew they were going to lose after the Beckett Fund stepped in to defend against the suit.They withdrew the suit and are now trying to spin it as a victory


These are moral issues, not political issues. The supporters of the issues mentioned have made them political issues. With the support of the willing biased media I’m sure that liberals will find a way someday to monitor our thoughts when it comes to happy gays. :banghead:


The link says:

The FFRF has temporarily withdrawn its suit in return for the IRS’s agreement to monitor sermons and homilies for proscribed speech that the foundation believes includes things like condemnation of gay marriage and criticism of ObamaCare for its contraceptive mandate.

So, are these police procedures only for conservative ideas? Or does this mean that Rev. Wright, Father Pleger can’t use the pulpit to promote left-wing ideology?


So much work for it all to be “equal”. One would think if it were so great, it’d all just be naturally equal, huh? :yup:

Notice how this thread is absent of GLBTQ folks and atheists.


PS----I wonder if these atheists and the IRS have the guts to monitor an Islamic or Jewish sermon…:eek:


MAYBE a Jewish one. Definitely not an islamic one. Too un-PC.


Privatization (ie private property) is a fundamental right recognized by both the Constitution and the Catholic Church.

A gap between the classes doesn’t bother me. We all benefit from a rising tide. What bothers me are the crony favors that President Obama doles out and the free passes he gets because he’s half-Black and/or :cool:. I’ve seen this same nonsense from the Western left when it comes to wars. They don’t mind bloodshed, just as long as the guy calling the shots is a non-white male and/or has a D behind his/her name.

Don’t try to group in a conservative idea in this mess just because certain atheists and liberals who also happen to support the Democrat Party (which controls the IRS now) to keep it honest or deflect blame just people won’t flock to the GOP at the polls.

Post-modern liberalism is a complete and total failure, which is why so many comments on here have to give the run-around excuses of why government should do this or that, or why their subsidy is important.

Furthermore, I’m having a hard time finding sympathy for Americans over this. As Mark Steyn aptly put it “The 300 million+ people in this country SELECTED Barack H. Obama to be their president”.

I’ve seen plenty of excuses from Americans on here, and it’s just sickening.

Does anyone really think I’m going to buy into that?

If a union or ethanol subsidies or even being the :cool: parent in front of kids is soooo important, don’t come crying to me when stuff like this happens.

The voters were warned. They saw what happened for four years and they choose this Administration.

And before conservatives crow over this post, the ones who listen to talk radio or read conservative blogs endlessly yet have some lame excuse to support subsidy XYZ because a family member is gay and wants gay “marriage” or is a teacher or a farmer or whatever, they are nearly as bad as those who blindly voted in 2008 and 2012. Maybe even WORSE since conservatives are supposed to know better.

It is because of that excuse-making why America is run by people who don’t represent the population.

As dumb as people think DC is, they are playing all ends of this electorate like a fiddle and laughing in their sleeves over it.

Then again, people have betrayed both their principles and country for far less I suppose.


The Church would be better to drop it’s tax exempt status, take the muzzles off the priests, and tell it like it is, before it’s too late.


CNN just had an article out about American bishop ‘palaces’…the hate coming from the posters…and the non denominationals that contribute … it is awful.


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