Is 15th Dec 2011 a Holy Day of Obligation for UK?


at our parish, there is a service followed by a Reconcilliation service. The first service is in bold and I was wondering if we are required to go?


Today is not a Holy Day of Obligation.
Here is a Liturgical Calendar for the UK:

Thank you! And thanks for the link as well.

There is no common liturgical calendar for the whole UK. There four national calendars: England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

There are three separate Bishops’ Conferences covering the UK: England & Wales, Ireland, and Scotland. Each Bishops’ conference makes its own norms regarding holy days of obligation.

Today is a ferial weekday, it isn’t a holy day of obligation. Besides Sundays, the next holy day of obligation is 25th December: Nativity of the Lord (Christmas Day).

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