Is A Catholic Christian An Oxymoron?


This article was sent to me with the following instructions. “Read with an open mind.” I guess this means you also.


I would reply to the sender that s/he ought to be willing to read the Catechism in context with an open mind or put their souls in grave danger for spreading lies about Christ’s one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.


Very true. That document was filled with lies and half-truths. I wouldn’t give it an ounce of serious thought.


No; it’s a redundancy.


You’ve heard it said that you can prove anything with the Bible by picking and choosing verses. Well, the same can go for the Catechism–pick and choose from there to prove what you want, too. It looks to me that that is what has been done in the writing you referenced.


Here is a great tract on how Catholics hear the gospel.


No; it’s a redundancy

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The term Catholic Christians bugs me to no end.

I wonder how many of these idiotic terms are American in origin.


Well, I couldn’t read this, because, as pdf files are wont to do, it froze up on me, but seeing as its JohnAnkerberg, I suspect that this saved me a bout with my blood pressure.

But you know, considering that if any Christians on the face of this earth are faithful in having their children baptized as soon as possible, it is Catholics, I have to say that “Catholic Christian” is indeed redundant.

:wink: Now as for:rolleyes: Baptists…


That article is so full of lies. It context so little truth.

The Protestant who wrote that not only take Scripture out of Context. He took the Catechism out of context.

May God have mercy on his soul.


Haha, some of it was incredible and in the end the article only proves the author’s lack of understanding of CCC and the Bible. Of course the problem is that not all Catholics are able to see these “lies”.

BTW, the saint part is my personal favourite. :wink:


You know they just pick and choose what citation in the CCC that seem to fit their view and ignore the rest.


Are they proof-texting the CCC too?


Yes. The author is citing it out of context


I am catholic and it does not bother me at all. Regretfully, nowadays, we have to specify whether we are Catholic Christians or Protestant Christians or Orthodox Christians. It is unfortunate, but you have to say the first name (Catholic) and the last name (Christian) so that you can know and other may know where you are coming from. I agree it might be redundant but it is a necessary redundancy

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Ah…John Ankerberg. I don’t even have to read it to know that it contains error. I have an old tape series of his with R.C. Sproul (the reformed theologian) trying to Catholics that sola fide is Scriptural. It was one of many things that actually helped me along into the Catholic Church!


the official teachings of the Catholic church contradict the essentials of the gospel

I wonder if Mike Gendron could show me where in the Bible it lays out what are essentials and what are not essentials??? Anybody? :rolleyes:


The reason the term “Catholic Christian” bugs me is that it is used as an insult by bible thumpers of many, many denominations.

The people using this put-down don’t refer to themselves as “Baptist (or Protestant or whatever) Christian”.

It’s sometimes used to offend and I take offense, even though we’re not supposed to.

I can’t help it. It’s one of my multitude of imperfections.


It’s must be rather pathetic when *I *can tell there are half-truths and verse slinging there. :cool:


Trouble with having “an open mind” is so many of us let all kinds of garbage fall into it.
Looks like folks on this forum already knew that and avoided the problem. Well done.:slight_smile:

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