Is a Catholic mass card appropriate for the passing of an Orthodox man?

Sadly, a woman I know just lost her brother to cancer. Normally, I would send a mass card to the grieving family.

In this case, the family are devout Orthodox Christians, but for one reason or another, are very anti-Catholic.

Would a mass card be appropriate or should I send a condolence card instead?

I have a good selection of mass cards. Some look more “Catholic” than others and I would send one that looks more universally Christian than Catholic. However, they are all from a Catholic religious order and this is written inside the card.

My first thought was that “everybody wants prayers for their deceased loved ones” however, I do not want to offend someone that might not see it that way. I have sent mass cards to both Catholics and Protestants.

Thank you in advance for your advice.

Maybe have a Mass said for the deceased, but write a personal card to the bereaved. The prayers said during Mass are efficacious even if nobody on earth knows about it.

Since you know they are anti-Catholic then no it’s not appropriate to send a Mass card.

Typically, a person would have a mass said for a close family member. (I am not that close with the family anymore).

I like the idea of enclosing a message in a card.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Thanks for your input!

I like this. Especially is YOU are able to attend said Mass.
Your personal message will console them, and you will feel like you’ve done something wonderful for the deceased. Makes sense.

I am not close enough to the family that I would have a mass said for him, but agree that it is definitely a good idea to let them know I am praying for him and for the family.

Thank you for your input.

Do you live close to an Orthodox bookstore? If so, you may find something more appropriate there.

I almost never send a Mass card, especially if the family of the deceased is not Catholic.

Depends on how they are antiCatholic. Do they hate the Pope, the Vatican, the actions of the Church? Then send them a Mass card. But if they hate, say Catholic doctrine, say we are pagans, and all that, Id not. And in that case Id second the advice to have Mass said but not send them that.

Thank you for all of the suggestions. I think I will steer clear of a mass card unless an Orthodox poster says otherwise.

Hi Lax16,

I agree with Schaeffer. It might not be a problem but it is not worth risking any possible anger for someone who is anti-Catholic.

God Bless.

Yes, I agree. I want to send prayers and condolences, not create an uncomfortable situation for those grieving.

This person has given my children icons for special occasions and it never bothered me so I wasn’t sure how Orthodox would view a Catholic mass card.

Well… Personally, I would receive it in the spirit it was given. I would be touched and appreciative to know that prayers were being said for my loved one. But I don’t know these people, and I don’t know what you mean by “anti-Catholic” (are they viciously consumed with hatred for the RCC or do they just disagree with some teachings?), so I can’t say how they would react. :shrug:

It is more than just a disagreement with some teachings.

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