Is a fertilized polar body considered a person

I’m doing some anatomy homework and a question came to mind. Polar bodies aren’t regular eggs, they are the “leftover” result of meiosis and have a nucleus but barely any cytoplasm. If they are fertilized, they do not live long because they lack the nutrient resources. Are they considered people?

Warning- this is totally a guess/opinion, not definitive at all.

It’s been a while since I took AP biology, but I’m thinking that this is similar to the question of whether all the other fertilized eggs that fail to implant in the uterus are also people. We’re not sure how many zygotes fail to implant, but most estimates place it at more than 50%.

If we say that life begins at conception, then it doesn’t matter whether the person has a shot at making it very far past that. I think we have to assume that every fertilized egg is a person, even if they are a person who is all but guaranteed to die before leaving the womb.

I have no idea what practical implications that has, but that’d be my guess. :shrug:

Id say any human fertilized egg is a person…and that no polar bear, conciever, born, or whatever, is a person. So no a fertilized polar bear is not. But thats just cuz its a polar bear. Any HUMAN fertilized egg is a person. JUST LIKE ANOTHER PERSON SAID< THIS IS ONLY A GUESS/OPINION

A polar body isn’t the same thing as a polar bear. :wink:

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sigh then yes its a person. Im going to bed i obviously need it.

I have a feeling that the answer is “We don’t know.”

So you have an opinon, a feeling, and a post about polar bears.

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Catholic thought would probably be if it has human DNA that is all it’s own. Then it is a “person”

So is any totipotent (human) stem cell also a person?

I do not even think a polar body can be fertilized. Eggs and polar bodies are made in the ovaries, and I think only the eggs make it to the womb.

Apart from that, I’d say “I don’t know”

I don’t know?

Do you?

This is an interesting question. Before I read this post, I had never heard of a polar body. The explanations on Google are so technical that they are hard to understand.

What I gleaned from it was that all of our cells have 46 chromosomes, except for eggs and sperm, which have 23 chromosomes each.

When a woman’s egg is being formed, a cell splits in two. 23 of the chromosomes go into the egg, and the other 23 go into the polar body.

If a scientist is reading this, please correct me if I’m wrong.

It seems that the egg goes on to be fertilized (or not), and the polar body disintigrates. So, normally, it seems that a polar body would definitely not be a person.

I think there are rare cases where the polar body may be fertilized, but it will probably die because this is not normal.

So, I guess the answer is that it obviously has a soul if it grows into a twin that survives, but if it gets fertilized and dies immediately, I guess the answer is that nobody knows.

I’m sure the Church would want us to lean toward yes, just in case.

I know what my opinion is: “No”

But these are not the ‘DrTaffy Answer Forums’, nor am I here to find out what my opinion is. I am here to try to understand what the Catholic view is, and how it is coherent. Especially on those issues where you are so vocal - occasionally even violent - about forcing those views on others.

So… ?


I know I keep hearing about all these polar body related beat downs in the news. What is the world coming to?

I would say definitely nto, essentially because polar bodies cannot be fertilized persay. Polar bodies are completely non-viable cells without cytoplasm or cell membranes, so they have no chance of viability. They simply disintegrate without serving an obvious purpose.

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