Is a local Priest allowed to install an Acolyte on a Parish level?

I am currently wishing to pursue the ministry of Acolyte within my own parish and am having trouble with my Priest on how I should be installed. He seems to think I can be installed by him at a local level within the Parish for use on a strict Parish level. I seem to beleive the only way to properly receive the conferring would be by the Bishop. What is the liturgically correct method?

According to Pope Paul VI’s Ministeria Quaedam:

  1. The following are requirements for admission to the ministries:
  • the presentation of a petition that has been freely made out and signed by the aspirant to the Ordinary (the bishop and, in clerical institutes, the major superior) who has the right to accept the petition;
  • a suitable age and special qualities to be determined by the conference of bishops;
  • a firm will to give faithful service to God and the Christian people.
  1. The ministries are conferred by the Ordinary (the bishop and, in clerical institutes, the major superior) through the liturgical rite De institutione lectoris and De institutione acolythi as revised by the Apostolic See.

Based on the above, a man cannot be installed as an acolyte by a local pastor. It would have to go through the local Ordinary.

This, of course, deals with the actual role of an installed acolyte and not mere parish altar servers.

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