Is a normal diocesan priest permitted to wear a shoulder cape in the U.S?


All right.


In Canon law, basically standards of clerical dress are handed over to the Bishop's conferences to decide. In Australia, the rules are rather relaxed as stating "distintive attire" for priests, which is normally understood as trousers and a shirt with clerical collar, however, many priests have opted for a normal open-collar shirt with a cross badge, which in practice could mean just about anything. Some wear a small cross on each side of a normal collar much in the same manner as US military officers wear rank insignia on khaki shirts.

There is a growing traditionalist trend in Australia (which is quite encouraging) where priests wear distinctive clerical shirts as the norm. There is a slowly increasing use of the habits of religious orders, many newer vocations insisting that the wearing of the habit being essential to the practice of one's vocation.


A cape I could see, but no tights please! ;)


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