Is a priest allowed to wear the Eucharist in a necklace?


Was watching a YouTube video of a Croatian priest named zlatko sudac who was being interviewed. He was wearing a necklace with the Eucharist encased in a transparent casing. I thought that was somewhat odd. Is this permissible?


I am fairly certain that you are mistaken. I watched several videos of this priest on youtube, and in some of them he was indeed wearing a circular pendant, but none of them contained the Host. Please feel free to post the link to your video here.


His beard is awesome. Dude’s got some good hair going on.



Anyone else getting a Corapi vibe from this priest - just looking at images, his appearance early on looks vastly different from the more recent photos. The latest looks like a lot of styling, in addition to very unique vestments/secular dress relative local custom. Just my initial observation.


Pretty sure it looked like a host. Will try to find that video.


In most of the videos, his necklace is obscured by the glare of the bright lights, (total white washout) but in one of them, you can clearly see that the image on the pendant is the head of Christ as depicted in the portrait of Divine Mercy.


Canon Law forbids anyone from wearing the consecrated hosts or carrying the Sacrament around on their person, or storing the Sacrament in their personal possession.

Can. 935 It is not lawful for anyone to keep the blessed Eucharist in personal custody or to carry it around, unless there is an urgent pastoral need and the prescriptions of the diocesan Bishop are observed.

Can. 934 §1 The blessed Eucharist:

1° must be reserved in the cathedral church or its equivalent, in every parish church, and in the church or oratory attached to the house of a religious institute or society of apostolic life


My bad. Looked through a lot of the videos very closely. Looks like an image of Jesus or Mary in his pendant…another topic-- this priest bears the stigmata and evidently gained quite a following. I don’t know too many details about him. Did hear from my Croatian friend that he got into some trouble with his superiors. This is hearsay. Will research to see what he’s up to.


I saw a talk from him a few years ago. It seemed to have a bit of wisdom from what I recall. As far as stigmata and trouble, Padre Pio also had a bit of difficulty when he received the stigmata. I think church officials just tend to be cautious with such things.


I’d ask the person if I questioned what was in his necklace. I have always heard that such things as this are absolutely taboo.


Can you post the video? God Bless, Memaw


Canon law may forbid it, and there may be exceptions; in addition, this individual may be an Eastern rite person, at which point Eastern rite law applies, and may or may not be similar to Roman rite canons.

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