Is a priest sanctified at ordination?

To sanctify means to consecrate something or someone to the service of God.
Is a priest sanctified at ordination?


Based on that definition, I would say “yes.” In fact, in the ordination ceremony, during the Litany of Saints (when the candidates are prostrate), there are a few petitions made, one of which is,

Ut hos electos benedicere et sanctificare et consecrare digneris [te rogamus audi nos]. ([We beseech you, hear us,] that you may deign to bless, sanctify, and consecrate these elect.)

Sometimes in Catholic theology “sanctification” refers specifically to God’s work of rendering people holy—like when we use the term “sanctifying grace.” Ordination does not necessarily sanctify in that way; that is, an unworthy candidate (one guilty of grave sin) is still validly ordained.

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