Is a shabat (sp?) a worship service because


…I understand we can’t participate in an interfaith prayer service in that it can encourage indifference in others if not break down our sense of what is totally different and special about our Faith. Maybe the Pope can do something in that it may be legalistic to say “No” in all occasions (sometimes, in apologetics, one must generalize for all the faithful in general but these rules are necessary safeguards because who knows how strong onesself is and we don’t want to put God to the test by playing with danger), but the risks are high that the faithful, not understanding his understanding, might be scandalized by it. A friend and I are going to Israel and he wants to check it out because you can try Jewish food and there is a bus to one from our hotel. He says the most they do is walk somewhere with a candle in each one’s hand. Should I go or would it be participating in a non-Catholic worship service.?


I would respectfully decline. It might give encouragement to people to persist in the Law, which has been fulfilled in Christ and can in no way please God.


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