Is a sleeveless dress immodest?

I am sewing a dress for my friend just for fun. It’s a 1950’s style deal and I’m making it with a long, full skirt and a modest neckline. My original design included sleeves, but the way it worked out I feel like sleeves would overwhelm the whole thing (it has a very busy small, floral pattern and I’ve already done some fancy detailing on the bodice), not to mention the fact that it’s averaging 100-110 degrees and long sleeves are a bad idea.

So it does cover the full shoulder, about 4 inches in length, rather like the sleeves on this dress:–qJWA

Do you think it will be immodest? I could add in some fluttery short sleeve things, but not only do I feel like they would overwork the design, but I also don’t understand how revealing an extra inch of your forearm makes the outfit too sexual. Personally, I would probably wear a lacy cardigan over it, but I also tend towards scrupulous about modesty.

I don’t know if it makes a difference, but she is not Catholic and completely not concerned about modesty (in fact i think she’s rather against modesty).

It is fine. Even my college that has a modest dress code that includes skirts covering the knees says that dresses (when not in class) may have straps two fingers thick.

Totally not imodest.

Sleeves are for chicken wings, not a modesty issue.

The more important thing is the neckline. God bless you.

1/4, 1/3 sleves are fine. I’m attaching a photo from my 1956 year boo. Notice the center picture. That was typical dress for our gals. Clean and wholesome looking, don’t you thnk?–qJWA

Nice to some young women thinking about modesty. Thank you.

My '57 year book has better pictures. If I can find it, I’ll send you another and better picture or two…


Here’s another picture. Hard to believe this cute kid is now 76 yrs old :shrug:.


They specify the thickness of the straps? Why is a strap one finger thick immodest?

Prohibiting children from public athletic events and gymnastic competition? I don’t think girls would be allowed to compete in skirts.

That link is to a sedevacantist chapel and should not be posted on CAF! I have reported it to the moderators so it can be removed.

The link is to a sedevacantist group that doesn’t allow women to wear pants…that explains plenty. I have reported the original post with that link to the moderators so they can remove it since promoting sedevacantists or groups not in full communion with Rome goes against forum rules.

Good reading, for information.

What to do with old “immodest” photos and another question

I have no idea, but I don’t feel like complaining. Maybe because thinner straps are more likely to fall off? That happens sometimes. Or they want it to cover the bra straps. Or both.

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