Is a Solemn Pontifical Mass Rare?

I might have the opportunity to attend a solemn Pontifical Mass this weekend…

Is this a rare instance? Do they happen more in one diocese than another?

I attend the Classical rite every Sunday so Im not really new to the rite just have never assisted at a pontifical mass,

any other storys, tips, information is appreciated.



Any solemn Mass is rare these days, so when you have a chance don’t turn one down. :slight_smile:

The term Pontifical Mass doesn’t mean it has to be celebrated by the Pope either. It is more commonly celebrated by the bishop, which is good for it shows his support for the TLM.

Just as a note, though, in the preVII days we had a lot of solemn funeral Masses which meant altar boys were elevated to mc, thurifer, and acolyte status just for that Mass. More intensive training was involved and it was something that definitely you wouldn’t want to botch up.

I remember Low Mass, High Mass, and Solemn High Mass. Low Mass was of course in Latin, one priest, only two candles, no incense, and no singing. High Mass was one priest, six candles, incense and holy water at High Funeral Masses, Sung Prayers and Responses. Solemn High Mass, Priest, Deacon, Sub-deacon (actually all three were usually priests but assumed the roles), incense, Sung prayers and responses, Hymns and Litanies. All had readings and a sermon, Last Gospel in Latin and prayers at the foot of the altar beginning and end, bells at the Sanctus and consecration. Not sure what the Pontifical Solemn Mass is. A Solemn High Mass in the Traditional Latin Format is something else again. You will think you have died and gone to heaven.

Amen. Not to sound too sentimental or wimpy but you would see a lot of people literally wiping away tears out there in the congregation and in the sanctuary, it was so beautiful.

For Good Friday - Easter Sunday the Indult community that we have been going to had Solemn High Services for all Three Days

We attended Good Friday and Holy Saturday Vigil Mass,

It was very beautiful, and I feel blessed to have witnessed it all,

I was curious as to how many Bishops are actively supporting and participating in these Pontifical Mass’ It seems most bishops will give the Indult to a few communities but never then come celebrate in the Classical rite.

Well, think of it this way…

How often do you get a chance to assist at Mass celebrated by a bishop…

and how often do bishops celebrate the TLM?

A Pontifical High Mass also contains a lot of extra solemnity: such as the buskins, gloves, episcopal tunicle and dalmatic, assistant priest in cope. Maybe that’s part of the reason?

Anyone know if this mass would be in the Angelus press Roman Catholic Daily Missal 1962

that I have?

There is no specific Pontifical Solemn High Mass; it is the Mass of the day celebrated by the bishop, with full pontifical ceremonial.

Pictures are now up on my blog.

The mass that was celebrated today was for Our Lady Queen of Apostles…

It was beautiful

In case no one else has pointed this out the TLM isn’t a rite in and of itself. It is part of the Roman Rite just like the Novus Ordo.


Ive added some additional Pictures and Links


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