Is a vasectomy ok in this situation?

I’m Catholic and in my early 50’s, my wife protestant in her early 40’s. We have kids and don’t want anymore. She had her tubes tied during last her c-section (her decision). She is adamant that she will get an abortion (which I am against for religious and moral reasons) if she gets pregnant again since tubal litigation is not 100%. I’m thinking about getting a vasectomy in order to prevent an abortion. To me its all about preventing an abortion. I feel my reason is justifiable. I don’t want my wife to face God with this.

Dear friend,

One mortal sin does not justify another. It’s God you are dealing with here. Let Him in. You are acting like He is the enemy and needs to be out-witted so that you and your wife can have your own way. Who are you kidding? Why not pray to Him for your wife’s enlightenment, rather than offend Him in such a way? The fact that you have written about this here, gives me hope that you are not all that sure of yourself. You are in my prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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