Is abortion a mortal sin?


I have started the thread about “Children of God” which has many responses with the exception of the main theme of the thread which is abortion. I simply addressed that thought that if we all are actually children of God in the real sense, how can we rationalize and justify the millions of abortions in this country every year? Are we actually killing the unborn? God’s children?
My earlier thread states that science now shows a spark of life at conception. A SPARK OF LIFE! This clearly means that conception is the beginning of life and not the actual birth. This plainly means that Planned Parenthood is Satan’s work shop killing God’s children and the soul of all women utilizing their gruesome service. (Thou Shall Not Kill) A major Commandment of the ten given to Moses during the Exodus.
The non-believing liberals in this country have rationalized this “killing” to be socially acceptable to us as it “protects woman’s rights.” I was once married to a ‘progressive’ modern woman who finding she was pregnant with my child, decided to have ‘it’ aborted because she didn’t think she was ‘ready for motherhood.’ Nothing I could do could stop this travesty of death I found, as the law said that my wife could do what she liked (or didn’t like) with her body and as her husband I had no say in the matter. I divorced her shortly afterward. She had then become an advocate for Planned Parenthood in the worst possible way!
I later found that 99% of Planned Parenthood abortions are elective, and not life-threatening to the pregnant woman.

Is God pleased with us (all Christians - not just Catholics) when MILLIONS of his are killed by Christian mothers? After all, the liberals say that the fetus is really not alive until childbirth - right? We rightly blame Hitler for killing 6 million Jews during WWII - but for some reason continue to embrace Planned Parenthood - the largest abortion mill in the world- for killing NEARLY 10 MILLION OF GOD’S BABIES EVERY YEAR!
How can we continue to call ourselves 'Christian" and close our eyes to this atrocity? The ASPCA runs special TV ads showing abandoned cats and dogs and asking for $12. a month donations to keep them from being euthanized and animal lovers send them millions of dollars. Yet, not a word is said, nor a TV ad run about the 20+ year practice of euthanized children! Why do you suppose that is?


In 2017 on this forum, chuck001 wrote:

Abortion, as well as all other grave sin, is centered on pride because it is pushing God aside saying “this is what I want” versus what God wants.


Abortion is a grave offense against God. However for something to be a moral sin, there are several conditions necessary. Only God knows the mind, heart, emotional, and psychological state of the woman seeking one. Is it a mortal sin, only God knows in each and every individual case.
In fact, I might be swayed by the argument that men coercing or badgering a woman into getting an abortion by threats against her, both physical, psychological or even economic may be guilty of a far greater and more grievous sin than the woman herself.


in my opinion, it is a sin.


Abortion is murder, a mortal sin.

But lets not forget the rest of these mortal sins as most right wing conservatives and politicians seem to NEVER mention and only focus on abortion and homosexuality.

1 Corinthians 6:9-10
9 Do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived! Fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, male prostitutes, sodomites, 10 thieves, the greedy, drunkards, revilers, robbers—none of these will inherit the kingdom of God.


you are attemptiing to politicize this thread by attacking right wingers who are (largely) pro-life

OP asked if abortion is a mortal sin;

answer: yes; it is


victor; i guess we can politicize every thread
and insert “right wing” vs “lest wing” political rhetoric

OP asked a simple question

why are you attempting to make this a flame thread?


Nah mate - killing babies is a venial sin :roll_eyes:


Well said. Abortion is murder and therefore a mortal sin. In Catholicism it is an excommunicable sin.

Liberals in the Planned Parenthood are lying to themselves that they do not know that the fetus is alive. Had they been aborted as a fetus, they would not be alive today.

The issue is as clear as night and day. When they carry out abortion, they are murdering knowingly. Granted, there may be some who do not understand this but usually the reason for abortion is not that the fetus is not a life but that a woman can choose what she wants with her body.


well said

OP asked a simple question

and got the correct answer; abortion is a mortal sin

not much else to be said

unless there are other things opponents to catholic dogma wish to promulgate here


Because somebody has to say the truth and this was one of the many reasons I left the right wing Evangelicals. All you heard every week was anti-abortion and hate speech against gays. Yes those are mortal sins, but not the only sins. People need to be reminded of this.


abortion is perhaps, the most horrendous of all sins

it should be spoken out against & opposed w/ all our might

you got other issues you want to talk about?

get a platform ; and speak about them…


In due time I definitely will. Sorry to slightly derail this thread. Peace brothers.

Abortion can be forgiven if you’ve truly repented to not do it again. Just go to your next confession and ask for forgiveness. There is no sin too great that Christ blood cannot redeem.


I agree with your feelings about abortion - but why in God’s name does it continue in a Christian nation? How can a Catholic condone this horrific sin? How can a Protestant or Methodist or and Christian religion? When are we (Christians) going to stop this madness that is killing more children each year than the Holocaust killed Jews during WWII? Where is our outrage? Why do we put up with it?


this is all coming to the forefront here on CAF because of the horrible defeat the pro-life cause suffered in ireland

i feel that the Holy Spirit is influencing us to a more open, frank & dogmatically inspired discussion of the abortion issue


Murdering God’s unborn children has little to do with politics - it has much to do with the morality this country no longer has!


I am pretty sure you can also get excommunicated for committing abortion. I don’t know if this applies to those that support it.


the morality of which country; ireland?

no doubt there

i feel the USA is gaining on the pro-life issue

ireland threw in her lot w/ satan


Not one of us was aborted. Not a single abortion advocate was aborted.


i appreciate your passion

i have no answers

i wish i could quit my job and work full time as a pro-life volunteer

i cannot

i rant here

that is what i can do (for now)

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