Is abortion a mortal sin?


This is true, and will only get worse in moral decay. Once the Supreme Court decides on an issue, its basically set in stone. Abortion in the USA is not going away anytime soon. Best we can do is tell people the Good News (Gospel) about Jesus and let the Holy Spirit move in people’s hearts and minds one person at a time.


abortion in the USA is being conquered state legislature by state legislature

read up on it

we don’t vote in a block national referendum on issues like this here unlike the dumb micks do (affectionate; i am irish heritage)

sooner or later; abortion will be be nearly illegal in many, many USA states


Abortion meets the condition of being grave matter. The rest we cannot know. But I don’t think most people are just “lying to themselves” - being a convert myself and knowing many who are not believers, I know for many it is quite the opposite. They struggle to see how anyone could truly and rationally believe a fetus to be a person. There are more fundamental differences in where people see the value of human life as originating from.



One cannot leave the decision to God. Our job on earth is to obey His commandments and to help each other. You cannot rationalize nor put ‘conditions’ on the degree of sin that abortion is or is not, in every case. Women whom are somehow ‘coerced’ into voluntary abortion cannot escape to level of sin it is by blaming it on someone else. The man will be punished in his time, but so will she. There is no ‘far greater’ sin than killing a child of God.

Not that many years ago any abortion at all (unless the mother’s life was at risk) was against the law and considered a criminal offense in the U.S… The overall morality in this country has declined and continues to declined to a level approaching that of the biblical city of Sodom. And you know what happened then.
Let your Christianity be your guide - pray and ask God for guidance.


What Catholics condone abortion?? Stop making sweeping generalisations and rants.


How do you propose to do that?


Yes, it’s a mortal sin. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be forgiven for it.


Not only is abortion a mortal sin, but it carries with it the penalty of automatic excommunication. At least, that is what I have heard from knowledgable Catholic apologists. I may be wrong about that.


The topic of this thread is “Is abortion a moral sin.” I answered correctly that it is grave matter. No human being this side of the gates of heaven can know if a human being has committed a moral sin. That is God’s judgment and God’s alone. That is the thrust of my post.
As to the seriousness of it, of course it is the responsibility of the believer to condemn the act, but not the one who engages in the act. As I said, judgment is reserved for God and God alone. We hear the old bromide, hate the sin, not the sinner. That is what Catholics believe in every sinful situation.


CCC 1857 For a sin to be mortal, three conditions must together be met: "Mortal sin is sin whose object is grave matter and which is also committed with full knowledge and deliberate consent. If all 3 of these conditions are not met, the sin is not mortal.

Abortion is intrinsically evil and always grave matter, but it’s not necessarily always a “mortal sin”

A drug addict might not be able to give deliberate consent. So in that case, though the sin is terribly grave matter, probably wouldn’t be mortal.

A woman who is coerced is another example of a sin probably not being mortal.


By telling other Christians that it is a BIG sin to continue to allow this to happen! When Christians regain the use of their voice to their representatives in Washington - starting with the source of evil -Planned Parenthood, and make our feelings known and respected, something will be done! The USA is 85% Christian, which should be enough.


Was Hitler forgiven for killing 6M Jews? What makes you think that God will forgive the killing of His innocents by people whom think they either don’t care - or that God will certainly forgive them!


That 85% number is way out of date. And we’ve been telling people for decades. It hasn’t worked.

Planned Parenthood, by the way, is not “the source of evil.” Women go there voluntarily. The “source” is in human hearts.


God gave us the Ten Commandments so we would have direction of our actions. If you are a Catholic and confess to a Priest that you have taken part in a pre-born MURDER, do you think you will be allowed to say 5 Hail Mary’s and all is over? God is not a liberal mediator or social worker trying to understand what motivated you to do such a horrific act. The fact that you pre-meditated your action should be proof enough to enter the gates of Hell!
I’m sure Hitler was sorry for his gas chamber actions (after they were over) but do you think he was forgiven?
Forgiveness happens here on earth by caring people. Using this kindness to commit grievous sins may be forgiven by your friends - but certainly not by God. Your soul has been tarnished by this act - do you think God would allow you in the same Heaven where the killed babies were?


Sadly, you are wrong on ALL of your assumptions.


What exactly, from a spiritual sense, is the purpose of this? Merely to keep sinners out of the church? Do you think that God prefers that people die in their sins? God accepted a man who assisted the murder of his saints, and who hunted down men and women for believing in his Son!


He quoted the CCC. You’re calling the catechism wrong.


So abortion isn’t forgivable?


The Catechism is not wrong, nor is St Thomas Aquinas. You are more than welcome to take it up with with The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith



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