Is abortion acceptable if the woman was raped or cheated?

As a Roman Catholic I know that abortion is unacceptable, and I pray for its end. To me the ProChoice movement in the United States, and the world is nothing less than a Holocaust; not against any particular Race, but against humanity as a whole. I know in the books of Kings David impregnates Bathsheba, but God punishes David by having making Bathsheba miscarry the baby. If a woman commits adultery on her husband, will it be acceptable if she terminates the fetus since it is illegitimate; also does the same go for a fetus that was produced via rape?

Dear friend,

NO! Abortion is the taking of innocent life and is an intrinsic evil. This means that in itself it is evil, regardless of any circumstances that surround it. It is ALWAYS evil and NEVER acceptable. Never!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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