Is abortion ever medically necessary to save the life of the mother?


In Canada :canada: if a youth needs a blood transfusion but the parents refuse because they are JWs, the government can come in and give the transfusion because the right to life takes precedence over religious freedoms (it’s something like that).


The rule generally is that the right to life for minors takes precedence. So an adult is free to refuse a blood transfusion if it is against their religious beliefs, but they’re not allowed to practice them in a way that could lead to death or serious injury of a minor child.


This is also true in the United States. Judges do overrule religious objections for minor patients (when the alternative is death or probable death).


Yes. Hence why I used the reference to a minor


Quick search took me back more than a quarter of a century ago to find such a ruling.

Do you have anything more recent?

Edit to add another article:


Yeah, just clarifying - the government can’t override the right for adults in the u.s., if the minor is likely to die from lack of treatment (I believe serious, permanent incapacity of some form is also grounds). That said, parents can often choose treatments that are higher risk than others, and that is often accepted if there’s a reasonable chance of success from the non-preferred treatment.


I’m running errand today. Here is what I could find quickly. I’m sure I can find more if I had more time.

Though not a life and death situation, there was also the recent event of parents losing custody of their child because their religious objections to trans-gender hormone therapy.


I’m 99% certain that was Canada


D: Same-sex hormone therapy? What was the therapy for? Why would they reject it? I’m so confused.


I am incorrect, it was in Ohio. Because CPS/DHS records are closed, we will never know the whole story.


I fixed it. Transgender hormone therapy. Sorry, I was/am typing on the go.


While it is true we will never know the full stories, we do know that the transgender hormone therapy was part of the equation, and as a result of the custody change, the minor will now receive hormone therapy.


Wow… that is terribly concerning. In Canada there is also a law that teachers/schools do NOT have to report to parents if a child comes out as transgender.

SUCH a concern because children who DO come out as transgender are at higher risk for suicide. Their parents should ABSOLUTELY know so they can monitor and assist but no… instead the government decides what’s best for OUR children.

This is why I want to homeschool. Why I pray daily that I will be in a position where I CAN homeschool. Canada has gone crazy.


Our country has issues :sweat:


I think that they may follow the mother’s wishes too, if it is possible (surgeon available in emergency, no counter indication to surgery etc). They are not dictators too, but it really depends for what

But they will advise her that her choice is not in her best medical interest.

And ultimately, as it is not her how pay for the procedure and a doctor should not harm, she may be less in position to weight in the balance.


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