Is accepting this money a sin?

Sorry if this is a silly question to ask…

I started working at a law office part time, and one man that works there is very friendly, and had mentioned something about his typist. So, I asked more about it, and told him I typed really fast… He started telling me about the work and gave me his notes so that I could input it in excel. I told him I could do it for him.

I went to the library one day and started the typing, and it actually took longer than I thought. Right now, I am kind of struggling with money (although I still live at home with parents), I asked him if he would be willing to pay me (note: he had mentioned that he pays the other lady). I typically would do this kind of stuff for free to help out, but I am in need of money right now. He said he would give me 150. Is it OK for me to take the money?

You are doing legitimate work, you should receive wages for it. Even those who preach the Gospel should live by the Gospel, according to St. Paul, and Jesus said, “The worker is worthy of his wages.”

If you are able and can afford to do charitable works without pay, so be it, but honest work should be compensated.

Of course you’ve provided a service he untilized! It was nice of you to help out.

If you don’t want the money, feel free to send it my way…:wink:
Work is work, if you get paid, all the better.

Thank you for your responses! :slight_smile:

The only caveat to all this would be if you continued “employment” under this person. If you made a certain amount of money, you would need to pay taxes on the income, but it has to be over a certain amount (I think it’s $400, or something like that). I’m pretty sure a one-time $150 fee would not require any IRS intervention.

Sounds like a valid private sector contract.

Just remember to report what you must to the IRS.

And welcome to the world of freelancing.

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