Is Adblock sinful?

Is using an adblocker sinful? Is it depriving YouTube and other sites their fair revenue?


My wife always mutes commercials on TV. I said the same thing to her and my father-in-law. They a) thought I was nuts, and b) took me seriously. :wink:

By the same token, what about DVRs and TiVo? Most of the time you can ff through commercials.

You have a right to protect yourself from filth. It’s no different than fast forwarding days of old.

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What does “their fair revenue” mean? And how is that determined?

No, it isn’t depriving them of income.

Contrary to popular belief, adblockers can deprive someone of their income; especially on Youtube. Many have made being a ‘Youtuber’ a career in and of itself. Their main source of money is ads, and when an adblocker is used, the ad is not shown. Thus, the person who uploaded the video doesn’t receive income. Or at least not as much as they are due. Even if an ad is filth, I make it a point not to blame the person who uploaded the video.

Most adblockers block ads from your vantage, not necessarily from the perspective of the server hosting the video.

I tell you what, I’ll stop using Adblocker when the advertisements popping up on YouTube stop featuring half-naked videogame characters in suggestive poses. They can earn their “fair revenue” without filling my screen with soft porn. My sincerest apologies to the people who don’t pull that kind of stuff with their ads, but I can’t specify what gets blocked and I’ve had it with the kind of content that appears from watching and visiting perfectly innocent sites/videos. It’s gotten out of hand.

Besides, usually the bigger brand-name companies on things like CBS video player or whatnot will ask you to disable on the official TV sites. Moreover, never once have I been persuaded to buy something by a pop-up ad, on YouTube or otherwise.

I don’t know why it blanked a word out, sorry. I didn’t use any profanity, just “****.”

I don’t think I’ve ever clicked on an Internet ad, though some of them have given me mental notes to never ever buy certain products due to my annoyance about the advertising.

Adblock is legal and we’re not under moral obligation to view advertisements, so I don’t see what the problem is.

What is your source for that information, if I may ask?

I have been to sites which tell me, “You are running Adblock. Please disable it so this site can load.” The site won’t load until after I disable Adblock. Depending on the site, I can either go to another site or comply, my choice.

Given that this is possible, then if a site really didn’t wan’t you to use Adblock, they could enforce it.


It’s the wrong question. Considering the damage that consumerism has caused and continues to cause in the US and the world, the right question would be, “Is consumerism evil?”

If you were walking down the street and a prostitute was coming toward you, would you cross the street to avoid confronting her? Remember: If you did, you might be committing a sin by “depriving her of her fair revenue.” :rolleyes:

Good one! :thumbsup:

But do say a prayer for her (or in this case the bad ad actors and makers)

I use adblock because I’m sick of websites automatically playing videos with audio when I’m trying to read something. Then I have to find out where it is to pause or mute it until it refreshes after a preset time and starts playing again.

I am not sure how their deciding to make a living being a “youtuber” means I am required to see their ads.

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