Is admiring a woman with children be considered wrong?

There is a fine line when we admire the opposite sex and not know whether they are married or not. Jesus makes a statement that even if we just look we can be in a sinful state. To what point is it to admire the opposite sex. We may never know if they are married if seen from a distance.:tiphat::curtsey:

Well…sort of. It’s not in the “just looking” but in the desiring and fantasizing and lusting that follows wherein lies the sin.

To what point is it to admire the opposite sex.

pfffffff um, gee… :shrug: Reckon it’s a bit like admiring art, or the majesty of creation. God’s own handiwork, eh?

But, um…y’know. It’s when it goes beyond admiring that the trouble begins.

We may never know if they are married if seen from a distance.:tiphat::curtsey:

Strictly speaking, the way we…look at, or admire single people should be not different from the way we admire married people. Regarding physical beauty, I mean.

Admiring the loveliness of another human being should not imply lusting after that human being, or coveting that human being. So while it wouldn’t be wise to admire overlong a married person, there shouldn’t be any harm in innocently being innocent at a distance.

Just…keep it clean, eh? And there should be no trouble, no matter any party’s marital state. :thumbsup:

It is human nature to admire people of the opposite sex , that’s life…
Unless we cover one another in bed sheets with only peep holes so to find your way around.
I work with 4 ladies, we joke around like friends,
we have been work Colleagues for four years now, and I admit I admire one in particular,
But neither of us have made the slightest advance,nor do we intend to , we both realise there is an attraction, we know that, but that’s that, we get along really well…but we are both very happily married, so, have we committed a sin of some sort ? Because there is an attraction ? I don’t know, I might mention it next time I go to confession,
But personally I don’t think you or I have committed a sin because we admire a person that you like,
Unless of course there is lustful intent,which there is not,

I think your conscience will answer that question best. As a woman, I can see a very handsome man and and think “My goodness, what a great looking guy!” That’s a normal reaction and I think that God appreciates us acknowledging His creations. However, if I went home and allowed myself to imagine having sex with that good looking man, that would be a sin,

all these posts are great and can be very useful. I kinda can be hard on myself and give it the 2 second rule. If I spot a married women and know it in advance, the 2 second rule comes into play. I glance, quickly admire or not and let it go. Most of the time it can be successful but lately, I find myself dragging. Those I see who most likely are not married I go beyond the 2 second rule…I really should go out more hehe. Chasity is important to me but I’m afraid my natural cravings/desires can take a hold of me.

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