Is Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament idolatry?

Whoa!, The Pastor has the final word on the sacred vessels at any parish. The “elected officials” of the Pastoral Council are only charged with advising the pastor. The Pastor, representing the Bishop, is in charge of your parish, not the Pastoral Council.
In fact, when there going to be a change in Pastor, the Pastoral Council is supposed to be disbanded and a new Pastoral Council will be seated after the new Pastor arrives.

I would DEFINITELY call the chancery office with this. If the priest believes that it is idolatry to adore the Blessed Sacrament than all the Masses he is saying are INVALID!!! There is no consecration, no sacrifice offered to God and definitely NO REAL PRESENCE. It seems this priest does not believe in the Real Presence- and if that is the case then all you are getting there is bread and wine- not Jesus Christ in Holy Communion.

The only good thing for the parish is to have the priest replaced with one who believes the Catholic Faith on these things. Until that happens you should do what I did- find another parish in order to be absolutely sure the consecration is valid.


THIS IS WRONG. The parish council has 12 members plus the priest each with one vote. The priest’s vote counts for “13 votes” so he can overrule any parish council decision. I.E. - council votes 12 on getting a monstrance and having adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The priest votes no so the vote is against the issue - 13 no’s and 12 yes’s.


Exactly! I wouldn’t be happy if our pastor would not allow adoration but I’d be even less happy if the “elected officials” in the parish could override him.
That’s a terrible precedent. I hope that isn’t how your parish truly works, Jamie.

Please keep us informed credo as to how this plays out. This is a HUGE issue here.

He clearly does not believe in the Dogma of the Real Presence. What a heretic.

we dont know that yet

Have you talked to the pastor yet.? If so, what did he say? If he believes it is idolatry, did you consult the bishop? What is the present status? You are all in my prayers.
Deacon Ed B

So is everyone in the parish in a state of mortal sin and going to hell since they haven’t gone to a valid Mass in 26 years?

Just curious where it says the Eucharist is not valid if the priest doesn’t believe? Once the preist is ordained he has the power to consecrate the host through Jesus Christ. Once he repeats the blessing the host is consecrated. Am I wrong?

To continue isn’t it God who turns the bread and wine into the Body, Blood, Sould and Divinity of Jesus Christ not the priest?

To continue isn’t it God who turns the bread and wine into the Body, Blood, Sould and Divinity of Jesus Christ not the priest?

The priest must have the intention to consecrate the host, or it is not valid.

It is the priest, as Alter Christus, who turns the bread and wine into the Body and Blood, having received this power from God.

You would need to know that the priest didn’t have correct intention and that his masses were therefore invalid - then it’d be a sin for you to continue going if valid Masses were available elsewhere.

I don’t really see how it could be construed as idolatry as the Blessed Sacrament is actually Christ present and not an image of Him. Idolatry would actually require for there to be some graven image present and worshiped.

But, many people who believe in a Christology from below model abhor such devotions as adorations, expositions and benedictions. They say it detracts from seeing Christ first in the assembly of the faithful and focuses attention on Christ present in the Eucharist, which to them is narrow minded and wrong. They say it also shows a misguided view of Eucharistic theology and should have been abolished years ago. This thinking was very popular in the years immediately after Vatican II and in the general euphoria of the new springtime.

Fortunately, this view has started to wither away:thumbsup: and die:thumbsup: and hopefully soon will be dead along the other heresies that have risen, flowered and died throughout the history of the Church.:thumbsup: Christology from below :eek: should be buried along with all of them.

Many people have never heard of this one
2 Peter Chapter 2

There were also false prophets among the people, **just as there will be false teachers among you, who will introduce destructive heresies and even deny the Master who ransomed them, bringing swift destruction on themselves.**

 But these people, like irrational animals born by nature for capture and destruction, **revile things that they do not understand,** and in their destruction they will also be destroyed,

Second Peter should be required reading these days.

The priest must have the intention of consecrating the Eucharist. If that intention is not there, there could be serious questions. A Canon lawyer and bishop should be involved.
Deacon Ed B

Simple answer - Satan

I would also be suspect of getting this kind of information from someone second hand. No real Catholic priest is going to hold this type of heretical view.

The parish in question does not have a monstrance. We NEVER have adoration, not even on Holy Thursday night when the tabenacle is empty. A gold dish is placed on the altar with the consecrated hosts.

My wife and I are in the process of joining an orthodox parish. We are estatic to find this new parish. Our problem is solved. The new pastor is completely orthodox and teaches from the Magisterium.


Hypothetically speaking, what if there were no valid Mass available, say within 100 miles or so. Would it be better not to go, or go to the invalid Mass?

I really hate to burst your bubble, but many priests believe in exactly these sorts of things. As an example, years ago, I was a member of a large, very progressive minded Parish in Texas, Near the border. While the Parish was officially a Jesuit Parish, there was no pastor and the Parish was serviced by what could best be described as circuit riding priests who showed up once every month or couple of months. In their absence, the Parish was ministered to by the Sisters of a certain order. Anyway, these sisters took care of everything including celebrating Mass? The whole Mass. Consecration and everything… They normally used corn tortillas, food of the people, for the host.

Well, when the Priests would show up, there were different ones, about half of them saw absolutely no problem with these things and would normally sit on the sidelines and do nothing during the Mass at all, except maybe act as a server. We had homilies on how the Bible wasn’t really the word of God and that the Holy Trinity didn’t exist. There was no virgin birth, that was made up in order to fulfill prophecy. Christ was a man who was blessed by God at his baptism. As there is no evidence of the resurrection it does not pass muster, etc etc.

In essence we were told that Christianity is about the following four things only:
The existance of a creator in whatever form we see him
The historical accuracy of a MAN named Jesus
The importance of love
and Ethics.

All else and I mean everything else, is man made and totally irrelevant.

The Laity, Sisters, Brothers Priests, Bishops, Arch Bishops and Cardinals who believe this stuff are still out there my friend, don’t you think for a second that they are not.

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