Is aggressive evangelizing a sin

My life was truly transformed by embracing catholic teaching and when I was in non denominational churches for 10 years I was pretty broken. I was scared of the rapture and was confused because I was still doing destructive things even know I was “saved”

Everytime I drive by a non denominational church I leave a holy card with written on the back on the door. Is this sinful I feel guilt some times.

I wouldn’t call that aggressive. I was expecting worse from the thread title. Doesn’t sound sinful, either. :slight_smile:

If you feel guilty, talk with your priest.

I mainly target 2 churches And sometimes pray that they would close

One because they made an anti-Semitic video and when I asked them to take it down they said no.

A second because the pastor who i had know for 7 yeass told me the end of the world and if I didn’t get rebaptized I was going to hell.

A side note both pastors are confirmed Catholics

Well with that further information, I would say it’s a bit much. Best to leave them be. Have you talked with your priest about it?

I’m no priest, but in my judgment, what you described is not a sin. Keep up the good work.

You can not get “rebaptised” as a Catholic. Just like you can not ever lose the title Priest.
Priests are Priests forever, no matter what discipline is administered.
I don’t think your Catholic priest threatened you with hell for not getting rebaptised because it can not be done.

Just a thought - could be that in some cases the posting of ‘Our’ promotional material on other denomination churches turns out counter-productive.

It had me thinking how I would react to someone from another denomination posting up their promotional or critical literature on a Catholic Church door.
My first thought would be, ‘Cheeky blighter!’ :wink:

ps. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Read the OP’s post number three again. Carefully.

Yeh, one and three together are a little confusing.

I doubt it’s a sin, but it’s probably a waste of time. Your cards are most likely thrown away, just as non-Catholic materials placed in Catholic churches are thrown away before Mass begins.

He is talking about the pastors at the nondenominational churches he previously attended. Not Catholic priests.

Yep, and perhaps likely just to irritate and galvanize anti-Catholic sentiment. Personally I do not favor such actions as likely to be successfully evangelic.

Maybe stand outside/near and distribute them. Engage in dialogue but yeah try and convert them :thumbsup:

So one of the churches is open all day and no one is there (small town). I went in today and the rosary I left months ago was draped on thier cross in the front of thier church.

I wouldn’t see that it’s a sin, but it comes across as a little passive-aggressive, and not an effective way of evangelising.

Face to face and with love is the way to go.

Interesting, I wonder why this was not disclosed but that he mentions that the pastors were confirmed catholics.

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