Is Allah the Gd of the Bible?

  1. According the Mohammedans, Jibril (supposed to be Archangel Gabriel) revealed to Muhammad (Momo) the Qur’an and the deityship of allah. Does this mean Catholics are to believe that Gabriel revealed the Qur’an to Momo and the deityship? If it was not Jibril who revealed to Qur’an to Momo, who revealed the Qur’an to Momo?

  2. If Allah is indeed the Gd of Abraham, and Momo received this special revelation, then we must believe that this revelation is true and become Mohammedan rather than staying Christians, it just would make sense. After all the Mohammedanism is a later revelation, so newer is better.

  3. Allah being the Gd of Abraham, could only be true is the claims made by Mohammedans regarding the revelation is true. So does the Catholic Church believe that these claims are true?

Of course the catholic church does not believe Allah is the God of the bible.

But please stop referring to Muhammad as “momo” and Muslim as Mohammedans

This seems weird.
You’re saying that Jibril revealed to Mo the deity ship of Allah? This all depends in what you mean.

If it is like, "Oh no, future apostle of Allah, you see the true God is the God of Abraham"
Then it is more likely
But if it is like, "Oh no, future apostle of Allah, this god is the God of Abraham! By the way, give him five children and lots of cheese as a sacrifice"
Then it is less likely.

But, I suppose I would say even the devil believes in God.

Actually I do think She does. Something like, “Together with the Muslims, who worship God…” or such

Why? Before 1970 the followers of Momo were called Mohammedans, that is what they are called in ENGLISH rather than in Arabic? Muslim is a arab word Mohammedan is the true ENGLISH word.

They worship God but they have a distorted view of God whereas Catholic possess the fullness of faith. They’re not atheists.

Yeah, and in the early 1900s black people were called the n-word. Times change. Mohammedan implies they worship Muhammad when they don’t.

Do Lutherans worship Luther, or Calvinists Calvin? :thinking:

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That refers to denominations. Lutherans and Calvinists still consider themselves Christian. If we’re going to compare apples to apples, the denominations of islam are sunni, shia, and sufi…but they’re all muslim, not mohammedan

Are they not all followers of Mohammed?

Eh, I have far greater qualification regarding Mohammedism that Tim Stables. FAR MORE. I do not need Staples to teach me about Mohammedanism.
So let me apply you logic … Lutherans worship Luther and Calvinists worship Calvin. That is why we called the Lutherans and Calvinists RIGHT???

Also the Momo thing, I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be derogatory or something, but it brings up thoughts of Momotarou, the dude born of a peach who slayed many demons in the folktale!

Never mind someone made that same point I did about Lutherans and Calvinists to demonstrate the inanity of the statement

Momo, is Mohammed, and it is a short form of his name,. Too much to typo.

Catholics worship Allah. I’ve been to Divine Liturgies where Allah is praised.
Allah is God in Arabic and our Arabic speaking Catholic brethren address God as such… as Allah.

I don’t read Arabic. But here’s the 1st verse from an Arabic Bible:

فِي البَدءِ خَلَقَ اللهُ السَّماواتِ وَالأرْضَ. 2 كانَتِ الأرْضُ قاحِلَةً وَفارِغَةً. [a] وَكانَ الظَّلامُ يَلُفُّ المُحِيطَ، وَرُوحُ اللهِ

Does it say, Allah?

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 The land was barren and empty. [a] The darkness enveloped the ocean, and the Spirit of God

I’ve been told that it does.

Allah and its use in the Arabic language

Today’s Arabic speakers from all religious backgrounds (Muslims, Christians, and Jews) use the word Allah to mean God. In pre-Islamic Arabia, pagan Meccans used Allah as a reference to the creator-god, possibly the supreme deity.

Catholics in the Middleast used Eloah (<1400 AD). But due to Islamization of the Middle East used Allah. Allah does not mean gd. It is the proper name of the deity.
As in
لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱلله مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ ٱلله
lā ʾilāha ʾillā llāh muḥammadun rasūlu llāh

There is no gd but gd and Momo is the prophet of gd. This is the shahada from the origins of Mohammedanism. At that time Allah was taken to be the proper name of gd.

Illa means gd in Arabic .
However in common usage it has come to mean gd. However that was not the case originally.

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