Is "Amazing Grace" Catholic?

I’ve seen a post commenting that “Amazing Grace” possesses lyrics that may not be in keeping with Catholic teaching. May I ask what lyrics in it are ambiguous or wrong and how they are incorrect?

“Amazing Grace” was written by the Anglican John Newton in response to his conversion of grace from his life as a slave trader. These lyrics express his moment of conversion:

How precious did that grace appear / the hour I first believed.

This can be reconciled with Catholic teaching because the grace of conversion can indeed be given at certain hours, causing a person to repent of a previously sinful life. However, the lyrics can be problematic because they also can be understood in a manner that makes receiving grace dependent upon belief. Catholics believe that supernatural grace can be received even by those incapable of belief, such as infants at baptism. Unless a Catholic understands how the lyrics can be reconciled to Catholicism, the lyrics can be ambiguous and confusing.

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